Super Mario Run 2.0 On iOS: Colorful Yoshi, Easy Mode, And More Updates


Super Mario just keeps on running.

After getting its awaited Android release, Super Mario Run for iOS is getting more love as new updates just rolled out. And with the upcoming release of new iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad, the timing could not have been more perfect.

The endless runner was released by Nintendo on December 2016, and since then, everyone's favorite plumber has run away with $53 million in revenue and has been downloaded for more than 78 million times.

Colored Yoshi, Toads, And More

Super Mario Run rolled out its 2.0 updates for iOS on March 23 with a slew of new fun stuff.

The biggest one is you can now play Yoshi — in five different colors! Aside from the usual green, you can play yellow, red, purple, or blue Yoshi. You can also play Toad Rally with your chosen color of Yoshi to get more Toads of that same color.

Another big add-on is the Bowser's Challenge mode. By completing one of Bowser's challenges, you can unlock Course 1-4 and do a battle with nasty Bowser himself.

According to Nintendo's game patch notes, if you clear Course 1-4, you can get new courses to play in Toad Rally. More toads — red, blue, and green ones — will cheer you on. Get these toads and you can access the previously locked buildings and one of these is Blue Yoshi's House. Enter to let Blue Yoshi join the fun!

Rally Tickets are also easier to get in the Bonus Game House; get these tickets to play Toad Rally. The "?" blocks also yields more Rally Tickets. Another big update is the Easy Mode. You can select this mode at the World Tour entrance.

Speaking of easy mode, the tutorial has been made easier to understand. It will appear when you launch the game for the first time. Or it can be accessed by tapping the How to Play button (lower right corner of the World Tour screen). The tutorial can be accessed any time so new players can join the fun run.

The patch notes also hinted about "new buildings to be added" in an upcoming event.

Super Mario's First Mobile Run

Super Mario Run is a sidescrolling, endless runner game developed by Nintendo. It launched on December 2016 for iOS and on March 2017 for Android. It was developed by the same team that created New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS. It is one of the first games developed by Nintendo for mobile devices, a deviation from its usual Nintendo ecosystem-only games. Despite its first foray into mobile gaming, Super Mario Run has been a critical and commercial success.

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