Owners of Google's pair of flagships, the Pixel and Pixel XL, have been experiencing a number of issues ranging from distorted-sounding speakers to flaring camera lenses. In addition the users reported issues with maintaining stable Bluetooth connectivity, including dropped connections at random intervals while engaged in Bluetooth-related functions.

Google Fixes Pixel Bluetooth Issues

The issue apparently began occurring back in February, after that month's security patch, but has persisted throughout this month's update.

However, Google has patched up the issue as per an official thread on the Pixel User Community. A little history: Back on Feb. 23, Google announced that it had identified a fix, and would provide it in an upcoming update. By March 14, the release schedule was specified as "soon."

As of today Google posted that the issue has been fixed, thanks to recent "server-side changes."

"I just got word that Google has just finished putting a fix in place for this issue on our end — no downloads or updates to your devices or apps are needed," write Orrin, a Pixel Community manager.

It's still unknown what might have caused the errors in the first place. However, it's still good news that Google has patched it up, especially given that both Pixel phones have so far been mired by a number of product issues, including camera freezing problems and microphone glitches.

This news, however, still won't do it for some Pixel owners, who are displeased about their unit's faulty microphone. Some of them are still waiting for Google to hand out functioning replacement units. As of March 9 the company formally took responsibility for the hardware problem, which started as far back as December 2016. It agreed to provide customers under warranty with a free replacement unit.

There is no guarantee that the replacement units will not have a faulty microphone. There's a chance some of the units might be a dud, and users would need to initiate another return to receive a second new replacement unit.

How To Check If Your Pixel's Bluetooth Issues Have Been Fixed

To check whether Bluetooth connectivity is functioning again on your Pixel or Pixel XL device, here are some connectivity functions to test: first try pairing the phone with Bluetooth accessories, such as headphones. If the pair of cans manages to work with nary a connection drop in its entire span of use, then you don't have to worry, as your device is now fixed.

You may also try streaming music to an external speaker, which fosters the same Bluetooth connectivity. Again, if the connection goes smoothly, then that means there are no more problems.

To reiterate, you don't need to do anything for your Bluetooth issues to be fixed. These sort of updates happens seamlessly in the background. It's worth noting, however, that updates to Google Play Services may take a while before it reaches everybody.

Is your Pixel still experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues? Feel free to share your experiences down in the comments section!

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