Carmaker Nissan is recalling more than 56,000 cars in the United States. The decision affects select Murano models and is prompted by an assembly issue with the vehicle's power steering hose.

Nissan North America conveyed the presence of the fault, which could lead to the power steering's hose falling off, to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The channel of the power steering reportedly has a leakage that could apply pressure on the fluid and cause spillage. This is a potential hazard and may lead to mishaps such as a fire when the liquid leaks onto an exhaust pipe or hot engine. However, no accidents or any mishaps due to the issue have been reported so far.

This is not the first time that the company has recalled the Murano. The previous cases include the corrosion of the nut material, which is used to secure the tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS. Nissan also had to issue a recall because of insufficient engine cooling, which made the car stall and cause accidents.

Which Nissan Cars Will Be Recalled?

The cars which fall under the purview of the recall are Murano vehicles made from 2013 to 2014. Nissan shared with the NHTSA that the hose clamp on these Murano models is faulty.

How Did Nissan Discover The Fault?

Nissan received the first report of this type of leakage in 2016. However, the report was not from the United States, and the case had "abnormal usage in high-temperature conditions." The company revealed to the NHTSA that it was unable to replicate the issue and, therefore, opted to "monitor" the problem instead.

In January, the car maker discovered an unverified failure in the United States. More such unsubstantiated failures were reported abroad. Therefore, the car maker started monitoring and researching the problem, which included investigating the used hoses.

In March, Nissan was able to determine that the clamp of the vehicle could worsen over a period and decided that the recall was needed.

What's The Resolution?

Nissan intends to install a new power steering that is equipped with a higher pressure hose kit on the affected Murano cars. Owners will not be charged anything for the installation and Nissan dealerships will bear the costs.

Owners of the Murano models can check whether their vehicle is included in the recall list. To do this, head to this link and put the VIN or Vehicle Identification number.

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