New updates for Final Fantasy XV have added an alternate version of the much-maligned Chapter 13 of the popular RPG, in addition to inserting a bit of political color into the game.

The updates, 1.06 and 1.07, introduce several other additions to Final Fantasy XV in advance of the arrival of the game's first DLC, Episode Gladiolus.

Changes To 'Final Fantasy XV' Chapter 13

In December of last year, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said that the work of Square Enix on the critically acclaimed RPG did not end when it was released, adding that there were already plans to enrich certain parts of the game.

Besides adding scenes to Final Fantasy XV to patch up plot holes, Tabata said that Square Enix was looking at improving the gameplay for Chapter 13. Gamers have criticized that part of Final Fantasy XV due to its very linear and repetitive nature, which goes against the open-world environment of the game.

The updates released for Final Fantasy XV has now implemented the changes that Square Enix was hinting at for Chapter 13. An alternative path, named Chapter 13, Verse 2, had been added to the game.

[Minor spoilers]

In Chapter 13, players control Noctis, who is separated from his team. In Chapter 13, Verse 2, players will instead be controlling Gladio and Ignis as they look for Noctis. There are no new mechanics or plot details included in Chapter 13, Verse 2, which can be accessed by players who already finished the game through the main menu. The alternative Chapter 13, however, functions as a way for players to try out using Gladio in combat before deciding whether or not to purchase Episode Gladiolus. There are also new cut scenes that will try to explain certain plot points that have caused confusion in the story.

Alternative Facts In 'Final Fantasy XV'

Chapter 13, Verse 2 did not just add an alternate version of the chapter to Final Fantasy XV though, as it also added political undertones to the RPG.

In one of the new cut scenes, one of the lines of Ignis is "It may be like moths to a flame... Or it may be one of the empire's 'alternative facts'."

"Alternative facts" is phrase that was made famous by Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump, who said that a lie can be reinterpreted from a different point of view.

There have also been reports that Gladio mentions "fake news" within Chapter 13, Verse 2, which is another heavily criticized term associated with the Trump administration.

'Final Fantasy XV' Updates: Other Contents

The updates that have been launched to Final Fantasy XV also increased the power of some of the magic spells of Noctis, including a faster version of Death that makes it much easier to go through the first version of Chapter 13.

The updates also ended the online timed quests, which will be resumed at a later date, added two audio tracks into the in-game music player from Episode Gladiolus, announced the photo contest winners, and fixed several bugs.

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