Samsung launched its first visual display unit, a 34-foot 4K screen called the Samsung Cinema Screen, during the 2017 CinemaCon event. With this innovative technology, the South Korean OEM has successfully created the only High Dynamic Range LED theater display available.

The new screen from Samsung delivers a never-seen-before picture quality. Whether it is films or sporting events, Samsung promises that the new screen will deliver crystal clear pictures with vibrant colors.

Samsung Cinema Screen: Specifications

The size of the Samsung Cinema Screen is relatively smaller when compared with contemporary theater screens. Standard screens range between 45 feet and 65 feet, whereas the Samsung display is just 34 feet.

The Samsung Cinema Screen deploys the direct-lit LED technology, which delivers "HDR to the cinema." Samsung claims that this technology makes on-screen content nearly 10 times brighter, when compared with conventional cinema projectors. This feat is accomplished because of improved consistency. Moreover, Samsung asserts that the technology is devoid of any optical distortions or interference.

The new screen also has settings for low-tone grayscale and ultra-contrast. What this means is that the screen not only supports a bright display, but is also able to showcase deep blacks in a crisp manner.

The Samsung Cinema Screen delivers LED pictures at 4K resolutions. The screen also surpasses DCI specifications, which are deployed to ensure a superior and undeviating performance level. The company claims that this will ensure top-notch performance in the age of digital cinema.

"As the popularity of advanced at-home entertainment systems and streaming platforms increases, theaters must reposition themselves as a destination for an incomparable viewing experience that consumers simply cannot encounter anywhere else," said Sang Kim, vice president of Samsung Electronics America.

Kim also added that the Samsung Cinema Screen's new technology will bring advanced and extraordinary picture quality, which will allow the audience to experience cinema in greater detail.

Samsung will also match the premium picture quality of the Cinema Screen with top-notch audio capabilities. The audio solution is courtesy of Cinema Group, which is owned by Harman Professional Solutions, and Samsung's Audio Lab.


The innovative Cinema Screen is currently undergoing DCI certification. Although the company has not revealed the pricing of this super display, it is expected to bear a very hefty price tag.

Samsung's upcoming 88-inch Q9 TV is priced at a whopping $30,000. So, it can be surmised that the Cinema Screen will be priced higher than the Q9.

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