AT&T Will Throw In Free HBO If You Sign Up For Its Unlimited Plus Plan


If one signs up for AT&T's "Unlimited Plus" plan, one can take advantage of a free HBO subscription, opening up HBO's stellar library of original programming such as Westworld, Girls, Silicon Valley, and of course, Game of Thrones, among many others.

Subscribe To AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan And Get HBO For Free

The U.S. carrier announced Wednesday, April 5, that it's throwing in an HBO subscription if people sign up for its Unlimited Plus tier, the company's top unlimited data plan.

"Our customers want wireless entertainment on their terms, and we're going to deliver," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer at AT&T Entertainment Group. "We are now including HBO when a customer has AT&T Unlimited Plus — giving you unlimited access to Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, VEEP and more."

The deal becomes available April 6, with both new and existing AT&T subscribers privy to the subscription schtick. For the uninitiated, a single line under the Unlimited Plus plan will cost users $90 a month — bump it up to four lines and users would have to pay $185 in the same monthly intervals.

What The AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan Includes

AT&T unlimited Plus plan includes 10 GB worth of of mobile hotspot tethering, with high-definition video streaming packed in as well. Also, according to AT&T, for users already subscribed to one of the company's TV services but don't have HBO, AT&T will add that channel at no extra cost if they subscribe to its Unlimited Plus plan. If users already have HBO, however, AT&T will take out those charges so the promotion can still take effect.

But for those who don't want add a TV to their plan, AT&T says that customers will be able to access HBO through DirecTV Now, and they won't be required to purchase an additional subscription for it.

"When consumers see HBO as part of an entertainment package, they know they are getting the valued benefit of some of the greatest original programming and most recent Hollywood movies," said Bernadette Aulestia, HBO's executive VP of Global Distribution.

This isn't the first time HBO and AT&T are becoming bedfellows: just last month, AT&T started including a free year-long HBO access for anyone who signed up for the company's DirecTV Now service. This deal, however, seems much more attractive and long-term, since it looks like HBO will be a permanent fixture on one's TV long as they keep their Unlimited Plus plan subscription in check.

The promotion is also useful for those contemplating AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan and at the same time looking into nabbing an HBO subscription. Before this promotion, HBO access came with a $5-a-month price tag.

The relationship between AT&T and HBO may also root further back, as the carrier is reportedly preparing to acquire Time Warner, HBO's parent company, for a whopping $85 billion.

The move to offer HBO for free is AT&T doubling its efforts in presenting itself as the leading wireless carrier for mobile video, aggressively campaigning for its DirecTV Now service. For example, AT&T currently offers its customers a $25 discount on DirecTV if they subscribe to its Unlimited Plus plan.

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