Samsung has had two flagship smartphone lines, the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note. However, with the unveiling of the Galaxy S8 and the rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 8, it might finally be time for Samsung to combine the two lines.

The difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices were previously very evident. However, with the revealed Galaxy S8 and the allegedly leaked image of the Galaxy Note 8, the distinction between the two devices has significantly been blurred.

Differences Between Galaxy S and Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note smartphones, and as can be seen in the spotted Galaxy Note 8 in the wild, are defined by their massive display and the inclusion of the S Pen. Samsung customers who wanted a premium device with a stylus have always flocked to the Galaxy Note line, while customers who preferred a more traditional look for their smartphones went with the Galaxy S line.

However, for the Galaxy S8, Samsung utilized a 5.8-inch display, with the Galaxy S8+ featuring an even bigger screen at 6.2 inches. These screens are actually even bigger than the 5.7-inch screen of the controversial Galaxy Note 7, and they also look much larger due to the "infinity display" that eliminates most of the bezels at the front of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

For comparison, when Samsung released the first Galaxy Note in 2011, it was very much different from the Galaxy S II that the company launched earlier that year. The Galaxy Note had a screen that was bigger by an inch with better resolution, along with a bigger battery and the S Pen.

As such, it seems that the only difference remaining between the Galaxy S and Galaxy note lines is the inclusion of the S Pen. The stylus has proven to be a very useful tool for Galaxy Note users, but on its own, might not be enough to differentiate between the two flagship smartphone lines.

Galaxy Note Name Tarnished

One of the benefits that Samsung could obtain by combining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines is due the stain left on the latter's name by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The smartphone was recalled twice before being discontinued due to faulty batteries that caught fire and exploded.

A survey revealed that the Galaxy Note 7 debacle will not drag down the expected sales for the Galaxy S8. However, the stigma of exploding batteries has been ingrained in the minds of customers that Samsung needs to highly publicize the efforts that it is doing to make sure that the issue does not happen again for the Galaxy S8.

Pressure On Samsung For Galaxy Note 8

Samsung might not have the chance to combine the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines until several years from now. The company is still using the dual product line to try out new features, such as the S Pen, iris scanning, and split-screen multitasking that was first seen in the Galaxy Note devices. The features have since been added to other Samsung devices.

If the leaked image of the Galaxy Note 8 is true, it seems that the smartphone has also borrowed elements from the Galaxy S8. The pressure on Samsung, in addition to bouncing back from the failed Galaxy Note 7, is to release a Galaxy Note 8 that will be evidently different from the Galaxy S8.

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