The Samsung Galaxy S8's battery probably won't explode or catch fire, as it only swelled up when a mini handsaw partly went through it.

This goes to show that the South Korean brand really went all out with the safety measures and whatnot, hoping to steer clear of another potential Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and gain the consumers' trust again.

No Galaxy S8 Explosions, No Worries

With video proof at hand, the YouTube channel What's Inside, which is run by Daniel Markham and his son Lincoln, got ahold of a Galaxy S8 to check out the innards and share them with viewers.

However, things don't exactly go their way when they ran into a hiccup with the suction cups and couldn't remove the screen and glass back panel.

Their solution? Call up fellow YouTuber Zack Nelson, aka JerryRigEverything.

With him on board, the glass back panel was pried off in no time — that is, after a few more failed attempts with the suction cups.

Interestingly enough, the warning signs on the Galaxy S8 battery advised users against puncturing and burning it, as well as having a dog near it apparently.

After showing off the guts of the handset, Daniel Markham got the idea of running a mini handsaw through it while avoiding the battery. Things don't go as planned, though, and he sliced the battery, causing it to expand and seem like it's about to explode.

As a natural response, he hurriedly carried out the Galaxy S8 out of the house and dropped it on their porch.

While it did swell and heat up, it didn't combust. That there's an indication that Samsung may have successfully taken care of the exploding issue.

Needless to say, this development comes as good news to both the manufacturer and consumers alike, especially to those who preordered the Galaxy S8.

For the record, the Galaxy S8 came from another YouTuber TechRax, and before the smartphone went into the hands of What's Inside, it already went through some severe and rigorous drop test, explaining the visible scuffs early on in the video.

Samsung's 8-Point Battery Safety Check

Samsung implemented what it calls the 8-Point Battery Safety Check after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, and that's why the Galaxy S8's battery went through hoops before it was finished.

Based on the video of What's Inside, it looks like the company's efforts to prevent any flaming problems from turning up in their devices are paying off well.

Still, this might just be an isolated case, so those who are planning on slicing up their Galaxy S8 battery in the name of science better think twice and stay safe.

With all said and done, be sure to hit up the video below to get a closer look at what's up. The slicing bit starts at around the 6:10 mark and the swelling part at the 6:46 mark.

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