Peanuts Movie: First Full 'Peanuts' Trailer Headlines Star Characters Snoopy and Charlie Brown


Fans of the classic 'Peanuts' comic strips by Charles M. Schulz are in for the biggest surprise this year as they get to see the first full-length trailer for the comic strips' animated film version. The 3-D animated film is scheduled to hit the big screen on Nov. 6, 2015.

The trailer begins with Snoopy sleeping on top of his famous doghouse, something that every Snoopy fan knows that he loves to do. Suddenly, a bevy of young Woodstocks came in and started to decorate Snoopy's house with a Christmas theme. When the phrase 'Never stop dreaming big' flashes across the screen, Snoopy suddenly wakes up and rides on his doghouse which is transformed into a flying house with propeller. He flew into Paris and was even seen gliding down the Eiffel Tower. He then returns to the initial setting which showed Snoopy placing Woodstock on top of the doghouse. It ended with Charlie Brown coming into the movie theater with his silhouette casting a shadow on the screen. He tries to get down to his chair and clumsily spills a tub of popcorn on himself.

The upcoming movie is directed by Steve Martino and produced by Paul Feig. It will feature the archived voice work from the original TV version of Snoopy who is no less than the late, great Bill Melendez. The film marks the Peanuts franchise's first attempt into computer-generated imagery.

The movie script is credited to Schulz's son and grandson, Craig and Bryan Schulz who are also joined by Cornelius Uliano. All three are producing the film along with Paul Feig.

Some loyal Peanuts fans are concerned that the characters in the movie would either look too real or grotesque. The brief movie trailer had somehow given an idea on what the characters would look like when they hit the big screen.

Schulz' comic strip characters have been appearing in the yearly reruns of the holiday classics. These include 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' which celebrates its 50th airing in December. Next year, it will have an official half a century celebration.

"Next year is sure to be a banner year for 'Peanuts,' which will also be celebrating its 65th year," said Neil Cole, CEO of Iconix Brand Group. The company owns 80 percent of Peanuts Worldwide.

The trailer, which lasted for only two minutes, does not reveal that much. Fans will have to wait for one year in order to see its full-length movie version. The Peanuts movie is being produced by Blue Sky Animation and 20th Century Fox.

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