Uber updated its rating system to make it easier for riders to check their ratings in a bid to curb bad passenger behavior during requested rides.

The changes were brought about due to feedback that Uber has collected from its drivers, who pushed for a fairer rating system.

Visible Rider Ratings

According to a post published in the Uber Newsroom, many riders have forgotten or are not aware that they are also being given ratings by drivers. The ratings that passengers receive are on the same five-star scale that riders give to their drivers.

Uber has now made it easier for riders to check their ratings on the service's app, with the average rating displayed right below their name in the menu that pops up when accessing Settings. Riders were already able to previously check their ratings, but the information was not readily accessible.

The change was made to hopefully remind riders that they are also being rated by their drivers, which should make passengers hold back on bad behavior. These may include eating while in the car, slamming doors, trying to fit too many passengers that the vehicle can accommodate, or just generally being rude.

Drivers are still affected more by their ratings than riders, but the visibility of passenger ratings could be considered a good first step in implementing a fairer rating system for everyone.

UberPool Ratings Tweaked

Uber has also implemented an adjustment to the ratings system when UberPool trips are involved. For those who are wondering, UberPool is Uber's carpool service that allows passengers to share a ride if their destinations can be plotted into an efficient route.

With the update, riders who will give a rating of less than five stars for an UberPool trip will be given options to let Uber know why a non-perfect rating was chosen. If the chosen reason is out of the driver's control, such as the behavior of the passenger's co-riders or a poor route for the trip, the rating will not be applied toward the average rating of the driver.

The change will keep the rating system fair for UberPool, as it would be unfair to bring down the average ratings of drivers for things that are not their fault.

Problems For Uber

The update that Uber applied to its app's rating system further attempts to improve the company's ride-hailing service for both riders and drivers. However, small tweaks to the app is far from being listed among the major issues currently affecting Uber.

The most recent lawsuit that Uber has received is one that came from drivers of rival ride-hailing service Lyft. The class-action lawsuit alleged that Uber illegally tracked and spied on Lyft drivers, including those who were also driving for Uber.

The dispute between Uber and Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google parent Alphabet, also recently took a turn for the worse after files allegedly stolen from Waymo were discovered in the computer of an Uber employee.

A recent report also revealed that in 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook threatened to take down Uber's app from the App Store after the discovery that Uber fingerprinted iPhones. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick then ordered his employees to hide the fact from those working in Apple's headquarters, as the move was in violation of the company's privacy guidelines.

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