Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners have reported that their smartphones are randomly restarting, bringing to light the latest issue for Samsung's latest flagship devices.

Some users have claimed that their Galaxy S8 restarts several times over the course of a day, with one customer claiming that the smartphone has restarted seven times over the first 10 hours of usage.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Random Reboot

Several threads discussing the randomly restarting Galaxy S8 have popped up online, including the official Galaxy S8 sub-Reddit, XDA Developers forum, and official Samsung U.S. community forum.

According to the thread starter on the issue at the Samsung U.S. community forum, his Galaxy S8 has restarted seven times over its first 10 hours. The random restart happens while the customer is using an app such as Samsung Themes or the camera, whether or not the Galaxy S8 is charging. The app suddenly freezes, the display shuts down, and a few seconds afterward, the smartphone restarts.

A Galaxy S8+ owner reported the same problem, adding that performing a hard reset on the smartphone to restore factory settings does not fix the problem. The unit then started rebooting repeatedly, forcing him to switch off his Galaxy S8+ with the plan to contact Samsung for a replacement.

How To Fix Randomly Restarting Galaxy S8

Samsung has not yet acknowledged the problem and has not stated that an official fix is on its way for the issue. Meanwhile, users on the various online threads have started speculating what could be causing the problem, and how users experiencing it can fix the issue.

A user on the XDA Developers forum stated that the problem could be due to users restoring the Galaxy S8 from an old phone. He claimed that apps by Samsung or third-party developers could create version conflicts if they are transferred to a newer device.

The issue has also been linked to the Always-On display feature and the lock screen, but most solutions revolve around the microSD cards of the Galaxy S8. Users are recommended to try using their Galaxy S8 without a microSD card and see if that works to stop the random reboots. This will only serve as a temporary solution until Samsung rolls out a fix though, as removing the extra storage offered by a microSD card severely limits the capabilities of the Galaxy S8.

Meanwhile, a Redditor claimed that after he experienced a random restart on his Galaxy S8, an operating system update released by his carrier, T-Mobile, seemingly fixed the problem.

While it is too early to call that the update provided a solution to the random restarts, there is hope that Samsung already knows about the problem and carrier updates will fix it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems

The random reboots is not the first widely reported issue for the Galaxy S8.

Earlier this month, users started complaining that the screen of their Galaxy S8 looked more red than normal.

Samsung later noted that the problem can be easily fixed through the smartphone's color optimization settings, but the company also recently started rolling out more options to adjust the color of the Galaxy S8 display.

A more recent issue reported for the Galaxy S8 is that the wireless charging function of the smartphone is not working properly.

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