Uber has new updates in store for its Android app, adding simplified privacy controls designed to make things easier for users.

The new privacy controls aim to help users manage their data more easily, as well as streamline the whole process so they're more in control over what information they want to share with Uber.

Uber Android App Update

"Making the Uber app simple and easy to use is always on our mind. And when it comes to protecting your information, it's not only important to know your options but also how to use them," says the company.

"Today, we're announcing new and improved controls in one place inside the app to give riders more choice and control over the information they share with Uber."

What's New?

Each control now comes with simple, easy-to-understand explanations to help users get a better idea of when and what information they share with Uber and how the company uses that data.

Uber's revamping of the privacy controls for the Android app actually includes a number of other small additions and tweaks that will start rolling out sometime in the coming weeks, albeit the company has yet to offer a more specific timeframe. It also remains unclear whether the update will arrive as a client-side update via Google Play or just a server-side push from Uber.

Either way, Uber's new Android app features will revolve around the Privacy Settings menu that will soon appear in the app. Just like the name itself suggests, this section will house all existing and new privacy controls in one place, allowing users to easily handle all their data and privacy preferences.

The same Privacy Settings menu will now host the "Remove Stored Contacts" command as well, along with various options for notification preferences and location data sharing.

The location data sharing feature will offer users some control over what and how much location data they share with the company, while the notifications options will enable customers to control what types of notifications they want the app to push.

It's Now Easier To Delete Uber Accounts

Lastly, the updated Uber for Android app will also make it easier for customers to delete their account altogether if they so prefer, without the hassle of dealing with Uber's technical support.

It's worth pointing out here that initial account deletion can be reversed within a month, but Uber doesn't clearly specify whether it deletes all user data from its servers once that one-month reconsideration window expires. The company just says that if users don't reactivate their account within 30 days of deactivation, it will be permanently deleted.

Uber says that it has been working on this update for more than a year, aiming to offer more choices to customers and come up with more ways to put more control in users' hands.

The company has no additional details to share at this point, but we'll keep you up to date as soon as we get more information regarding when the changes will start to roll out to customers.

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