Persona 5, the Japanese RPG that is both a dungeon crawler and a social simulator, requires players to build relationships with other characters to acquire powerful skills and receive important bonuses.

While past Persona games referred to the in-game relationships as Social Links, Persona 5 named them Confidants. Due to the sheer number of things that players can do in the game and the limited number of days on the in-game calendar, maxing out the levels of all Confidants will require a perfect playthrough that can only be achieved by the most hardcore players. Such a thing is not recommended as it may take out the fun from the game.

Most players will have to choose which Confidants to focus on for maxing out to Level 10. The question, however, is which ones are the best Confidants in Persona 5? Read on to find out, though be warned that there may be minor spoilers.

The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts

The Confidants for the members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, specifically Lovers for Ann, Chariot for Ryuji, Emperor for Yusuke, Priestess for Makoto, Hermit for Futaba, and Empress for Haru, are great options to focus on. Increasing the Confidant levels for these characters will grant various bonuses and skills that will make exploring dungeons and beating enemies easier.

Most of the skills that can be unlocked for the party members are similar, such as the Baton Pass skill that allows an ally to take over once an enemy is knocked down. However, the higher levels for the Confidants will unlock unique skills for the characters.

Futaba is particularly useful to focus on as she will provide random bonuses to characters in battle such as HP healing and SP restoration. Most players choose to focus on the Confidants of the party members that they primarily use in battle, whether on their skills or their personalities, though it is not a bad idea to max out all of them.

Hifumi Togo - Star

Togo is an elite Shogi player that is first seen in a church in Kanda. At Level 1, she offers players the ability to use up the main character's turn in battle to swap out a current character for a backup character. At Level 10, players will be able to make the switch on the turn of any character.

Yuuki Mishima - Moon

Mishima, who players meet during the Kamoshida arc, allows backup characters to also gain experience at Level 1. Increasing levels allows players to increase the experience gained by both current and backup characters. At Level 10, backup characters will receive the same experience as current characters.

The Moon Confidant and the Star Confidant combined makes it more compelling for players to level up the Confidants for the other Phantom Thieves of Hearts, as having access to a complete stable of powerful characters will greatly help out in exploring Palaces and beating tough enemies.

Sadayo Kawakami - Temperance

Kawakami is the main character's homeroom teacher who moonlights as a maid. She has one of the strongest stories among Confidants but also provides one of the most useful bonuses. Kawakami can perform chores for players, including making coffee, doing laundry, and crafting infiltration tools, freeing up valuable time to do something else such as increasing levels for other Confidants. At the maximum level, Kawakami will allow players to recover from entering a Palace or Memento so that they can still do something that night, as opposed to having to go straight to sleep.

Toranosuke Yoshida - Sun

Yoshida is a politician who gives out speeches at the Shibuya Station. Leveling up this Confidant will allow players to receive more money and have a better chance at receiving rare items from Shadows during negotiations. At Level 10, players will be given the ability to recruit Shadows as Personas even if their level is higher.

Chihaya Mifune - Fortune

Mifune, a fortune teller working in Shinjuku, is one of the Confidants that players should focus on but not necessarily max out. The best thing that she can offer can be unlocked at Level 7, when she can start raising levels for other Confidants in exchange for a payment. Most importantly, doing so will not take time, so players can still do other things afterward. Her Level 10 skill allows players to take a look at all the abilities that a Confidant will provide if they are maxed out.

Tae Takemi - Death

Takemi, a shady doctor running a small clinic, offers players medicine that they can use in dungeons. Increasing her Confidant level unlocks more items for sale and discounts, which will be very useful to stay longer inside Palaces and Mementos.

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