Atlus has issued an apology for the draconian video policy that it implemented for Persona 5, and has now rolled back on the streaming limitations for the RPG.

The apology came as streamers criticized and defied the policy, which limited uploaded video content of Persona 5 to only reach until July 7 in the RPG's in-game calendar.

Atlus's Restrictive Streaming Policy For 'Persona 5'

In a post published by Atlus on its official website earlier in the month, the developer pleaded with players to avoid posting spoilers on the story of Persona 5. Players were allowed to talk about certain elements of the RPG such as its combat system and the Confidants, but were requested to withhold talking about the game's plot.

Atlus then requested that streamed content of Persona 5 should not go beyond July 7 in the RPG's in-game calendar, with videos only lasting up to 90 minutes at a time and should not focus only on cut scenes. The developer threatened to launch copyright strikes against streamers and content creators who will violate the guidelines.

Atlus Apologizes And Relaxes Policy

In a new post, the developer claimed that it was surprised with the reactions that it received regarding its video policy for Persona 5.

"We recognize that our fans are the reason why the game is the major worldwide success it is, and we continue to want them to be able to enjoy the game without fear of being spoiled," Atlus said, but then added that it acknowledged the issues that players have raised.

Atlus placed limitations on videos being shared for Persona 5 to protect players who have not yet completed the game from spoilers in the RPG's plot. The developer is still looking to prevent spoilers from ruining the experience, but will now push back the limitation on uploaded videos from July 7 to Nov. 19, which is when Persona 5's story embarks on its final chapter.

The developer also apologized to gamers who found its previous guidelines as threatening. Atlus explained that it only wanted to be transparent with its policies and what it would do when the guidelines were not followed. Atlus never intended to threaten people with copyright strikes, but admitted that it chose the wrong tone for its communication.

However, despite the apology and relaxed limitations on videos for Persona 5, it seems that Atlus is still not changing its stance of disabling the Share button of the PlayStation 4 controller.

All About 'Persona 5'

Reviews on Persona 5, which suffered numerous delays in its arrival to the United States, claim that the game is well worth the wait. Persona 5 could very well be the best so far in the popular RPG franchise.

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