Quick Guide On How To Use Snapchat's Infinity Icon, Looping Video, And Magic Eraser Feature

Snapchat just gained new features via an update on Tuesday, May 9, including the option to create "limitless snaps" through a new "infinity" feature on the timer, a "magic eraser" tool, and a brand-new "Loop" tool.

Snapchat says the aim of these new features is for users to enjoy using Snapchat as long as they like, noting how some find themselves not fully enjoying a Snap even after replaying it.

"These changes allow us to continue evolving the Snapchat service and provide a foundation for introducing even more creative tools for making fun Snaps!" Snapchat said in a blog post.

How To Create Limitless Snaps

The first two tools rolling out now will allow users to view Snaps longer. Snapchat content typically erases itself after one to 10 seconds, depending on what the original poster decides. Now, users may choose a "limitless" option for Snaps, which lets others view your Snaps for as long as they wish.

You can do this simply by selecting the new infinity icon inside the panel where you'd usually pick how long before a Snap self-destructs. Keep in mind, however, that limitless Snaps also disappears after users close the message.

How To Create Looping Videos

Snapchat is also rolling out looping videos — essentially, the video counterpart to limitless snaps. To create one, start recording a video, then tap the looping icon — and that's it. Your video will repeat until users close it. With this new feature, Snapchat proves it can also participate in Facebook's copying game. Looping videos are very much akin to Facebook-owned Instagram's Boomerang feature.

Snapchat is also rolling out a new drawing tool. Starting now, users can create an in-app pen made out of emoji, which allows spelling out a word with icons and symbols. At present, only a few emoji are available to use, although it's easy to imagine Snapchat expanding the array later on.

How To Use The Magic Eraser Tool

Finally, Snapchat is introducing a magic eraser tool to complement its existing scissor tool. It basically allows users to erase certain elements in a photo, akin to Adobe Photoshop's content-aware tool. If there's an off-putting visual element in your otherwise perfectly composed Snap, then you can try to salvage it with the Magic Eraser tool. To access it, tap the scissor tool, rub the eraser on the object you want to get rid of, and the "magic" part will take care of the rest.

Snapchat vs Facebook

Although Snapchat has failed to address its mounting rivalry with Facebook, these new features are possibly Snap Inc.'s way of bouncing back from Facebook troubling move to copy its features. Many Facebook-owned services such as Instagram, its own Messenger and Facebook apps, and even WhatsApp, have all been equipped with an ephemeral photo-messaging service that Snapchat had championed originally. This is a blow to Snapchat's potential growth, and Instagram is already beating it.

All these new features are now rolling to Snapchat users on both iOS and Android.

Thoughts about Snapchat's infinite snaps, looping videos, and magic eraser tool? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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