Amazon Echo Show Unveiled: How Does The New Smart Speaker Compare To Other Amazon Echo Models?


Amazon recently unveiled the Amazon Echo Show, the newest model for the company's growing line of Alexa-powered smart speakers.

The Amazon Echo Show now joins the original Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Tap, the Amazon Echo Dot, and the also recently announced Amazon Echo Look as choices for consumers looking to pick up one of Amazon's smart speakers. How does the new model compare to each one of them?

Amazon Echo Show vs Original Amazon Echo

The original Amazon Echo, released in 2014 and currently selling for $149.99, is a tall cylindrical smart speaker that comes with built-in microphones. The device, as with all succeeding Amazon Echo smart speakers, is powered by Amazon's digital assistant Alexa, allowing users to issue voice commands to have the Amazon Echo perform tasks.

The primary difference between the Amazon Echo and the new wedge-shaped Amazon Echo Show is the presence of the 7-inch touchscreen. As Apple's senior VP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller recently said, voice assistant-powered smart speakers require a screen to provide a complete range of functions to users. Schiller's statement served as both a hint to the rumored upcoming Siri-powered smart speaker of Apple and a shot against the Amazon Echo. However, with the announcement of the Amazon Echo Show, the criticism is now rendered invalid.

The touchscreen, however, makes the Amazon Echo Show stand out in a room, compared to the Amazon Echo, which can easily blend into the background. This will be a factor for customers who prefer minimalist designs for their homes.

Amazon Echo Show vs Amazon Echo Tap And Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Tap and the Amazon Echo Dot were released last year as updates to the Amazon Echo line. The Amazon Echo Tap, selling for $129.99, and the Amazon Echo Dot, selling for $49.99, are smaller and more affordable versions of the original Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo Tap is wireless and charged through its cradle, while the Amazon Echo Dot is much smaller and cheaper because it is up to users to connect the device to their own speakers.

The Amazon Echo Tap and the Amazon Echo Dot are on the other end of the spectrum compared to the Amazon Echo Show, which is now open for preorder with a price tag of $229.99. All three Amazon Echo models encourage several units to be placed around the home, but for different reasons. While The Amazon Echo Tap and the Amazon Echo Dot enable the option due to their lower prices, the video calling ability of the Amazon Echo Show will make it easier to talk to different members of the family in different rooms.

Amazon Echo Show vs Amazon Echo Look

The Amazon Echo Look, currently only available only by invitation, carries a price tag of $199.99. The device includes a camera, which is not present in previous Amazon Echo models but also seen in the Amazon Echo Show.

The usage of their cameras, however, are different. The Amazon Echo Look uses its camera to take a snapshot of the outfits of users and then gives fashion advice on what they are wearing. On the other hand, the camera of the Amazon Echo Show is primary for video calling, though it is so far unclear if it will also be capable of giving fashion advice to users.

Which Amazon Echo Model Should You Buy?

The expanding range of the Amazon Echo line offers consumers with several options, depending on what they need or want from an Alexa-powered smart speaker.

The first Amazon Echo is never a bad option, but the Amazon Echo Show provides the most functionality among all models. For budget reasons, the Amazon Echo Tap and Amazon Echo Dot are the best options, as while the devices are cheaper, they offer mostly the same functionality as the original Amazon Echo.

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