The mantra goes: it's not in the tool — it's how you use the tool. Above anything else, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus's camera are great tools, but without enough slick photography know-how, you won't be able to squeeze every inch of its capabilities. Fortunately, Apple is more than willing to give you photography lessons, so read on.

Instead of uploading ads boasting how great the cameras on its flagship iPhones are, Apple actually decided to upload tutorials on how to use the camera. The videos are short — just 40 seconds long — but they do provide the fundamental ideas of iPhone photography, such as shooting a vertical panorama or getting that perfect selfie.

Take a look at some of the videos below!

How To Shoot Action On iPhone 7

Shooting moving objects or people can be pretty difficult, in large part because moving objects often register blurry images in the final shot. To avoid this, Apple advises users to hold the shutter button to enter Burst Mode. Once done, you can simply select the best shot among the sequence. Easy-peasy.

How To Shoot A Great Portrait On iPhone 7 Plus

Shooting portraits is tricky. On one hand, you have the occasional serendipitous moment where every element just aligns and the photo looks like it can pass for an art gallery submission. More often, however, portraits end up looking like less-sinister mugshots: unflattering, bleak, uninteresting, and just, well — wrong.

To take a great portrait, first, switch to Portrait mode. Then to add a bit of visual oomph, apply the depth effect. Then shoot. Easy as that.

How To Shoot A Close-Up On iPhone 7

To shoot a close-up, first, you should get close, obviously. Apple advises that the subject should be as close as 10 centimeters. Then tap where you want to focus and keep holding. Slide to adjust the exposure. Finally, shoot.

How To Shoot A Vertical Pano On iPhone 7

Panoramas are a great way to capture landscapes, but they can often go wrong because of small movements that disrupt parts of the image. To capture a great vertical panorama with the iPhone 7, start with the device in landscape mode, then switch to Panorama mode. Next — and this is tricky — pan the camera from bottom to top steadily and slowly. You'll end up with a perfectly captured panorama.

How To Shoot Without A Flash On iPhone 7

Night scenes don't always require flash — just slick photography skills. To shoot great photos even without flash using your iPhone 7, find any available light source first. It doesn't matter whether it's a street lamp or neon signs — just try to find ample luminance.

Next, turn off the flash, of course. Then tap the subject to set the correct exposure. Finally, shoot.

Apple uploaded a bunch iPhone 7 photography tutorials on its site, so feel free to check that out if you want to learn more. As always with photography, just keep trying. Some good photos in a mostly bad photo collection is ultimately better than not taking photos at all.

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