To some, the Apple iPhone 7 Product(RED) may just be another fancy colorway for the flagship, but the sheen and luster go way beyond aesthetics. For the uninitiated, Apple has, for a long time, sold Product(RED) variants of its products, chiefly, but not limited to, iPods. It's the first time for any of its iPhones to receive the Product(RED) treatment, and it's awe-striking, to say the least.

There's plenty of reasons to love the new red-tinged iPhone 7, but there's also one major flaw aesthetics-wise. Here's a rundown of the pros and cons of the new iPhone 7 Product(RED) version.

Love: Buying The iPhone 7 Product(RED) Is For A Good Cause

For each Product(RED) device sold, Apple will add to the Global Fund for HIV and AIDS, as it has done so for many years.

Apple's slew of Product(RED) products renders it as the largest contributor to the Global Fund that supports HIV and AIDS programs. To give you some perspective, Apple has already managed to shell out $130 million out of the $465 the fund has raised. That money goes into the attempt to rid the world of AIDS once and for all.

Buying Product(RED) products will literally save lives, and Apple has done an excellent job raising money for AIDS funding so far. It really all comes down to your desire and willingness to help a charity, and whether you like the iPhone 7 Product(RED) from a design standpoint, which, unfortunately, has one glaring problem — but more on that later.

Love: Just Look At This Thing Of Beauty

Many publications have said that pictures don't do the iPhone 7 Product (RED) justice. While it looks washed out and dull when viewed on the web, real-life encounters with the product itself proves the opposite: it's a thing of beauty. Most obvious is the back panel, which is red with a matte finish. This means it won't be a fingerprint magnet like the Jet Black iPhone 7. There's also a subtle gradient and shading effect happening with the paint job, which makes the color that much more dynamic.

Love: The Details And Subtle Design Elements

While its red color is already a striking feature, what makes the iPhone 7 (Product)RED truly fantastic is its more subtle design elements. It's evident that Apple has carefully thought about the red theme of the phone, even going as far as to design the other, more conspicuous elements around it.

The antennas, for example, blend so well with the whole visual package that one barely notices it at all. The slightly raised camera bump also offers a slightly different look when viewed in different intensities of light.

To cut it short, the iPhone 7 Product(RED) isn't just an iPhone with a simple tinge of color: it's almost this adaptive hue that changes its luster and contrast depending on the surrounding light. In better words, it's eyecandy through and through.

Hate: The Baffling White Front Of The iPhone 7 Product(RED)

It's frustrating to think that the iPhone 7 Product(RED) could have been 100 percent perfect if not for one baffling design element Apple has gone for. Yes, despite the allure of red snaking the whole body of the device, flip it over and you get a white front panel.

Why Apple couldn't have gone for a black front panel is still unknown, but it would have complemented the whole red theme more greatly. The white front panel simply doesn't match the sleek vibe of red on the back: it's much too goody-goody and clean.

Red is, of course, an extremely strong color, and using it on anything is a risk because it's not exactly light on the eyes. But such a risk could have delivered a payoff if the front was black. The white front panel simply casts a deprecating shade over the allure of the whole body.

Of course, design and taste is subjective, and there are some who will absolutely be fine with the white front panel. By the looks of it, however, this just seems like a missed opportunity. Still, the philanthropy and charity aspects alone makes buying the iPhone 7 Product(RED) worth it.

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