Horror game Alan Wake will be taken down from Steam and Xbox Live after May 15, and weirdly, David Bowie has something to do with it.

Developer Remedy broke the news on its forums, adding that there will be a "Sunset Sale" for the last days of Alan Wake on Steam.

'Alan Wake' To Be Pulled Out From Steam, Xbox Live

Psychological thriller Alan Wake, first released for the Xbox 360 and PC in 2010, is an atmospheric horror game of an author who is living through a novel that he has no memory of writing. It draws inspiration from classic show Twin Peaks, and was named as Time Magazine's 2010 Game of the Year.

For gamers who have not yet played Alan Wake but would be interested in buying it, the next few days might be your last chance to do so. After May 15, developer Remedy will take down the game's listings from various online stores, including Steam and Xbox Live.

The reason behind the move, as explained by Remedy, is the expiring licenses for the music that was used in Alan Wake.

The game uses an amazing soundtrack to improve the overall experience, with music such as "Space Oddity" by David Bowie, "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison, and "The Darkest Star" by Depeche Mode.

Players who already purchased Alan Wake on Steam or Xbox Live will be able to keep the game or redownload it. The takedown will not apply to the spin-off, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, as Remedy was able to negotiate the music licenses for the title.

'Alan Wake' Sunset Sale On Steam

Remedy will launch a Sunset Sale for Alan Wake on Steam that applies a massive 90 percent discount to the game, including all its DLC and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Starting May 13 at 10:00 a.m. PST, the price tag of $30 will go all the way down to $3, which is needless to say an outstanding deal for the critically acclaimed title.

Unfortunately, Remedy can only control the price of Alan Wake on Steam. The game's price on Xbox Live will remain the same until it is taken down after May 15, but it should be noted that it is backward compatible for the Xbox One.

Will 'Alan Wake' Ever Return?

Gamers may think that Remedy could work around the expiring licenses by simply switching out the music for other tracks. However, Remedy said that such a change to Alan Wake will be complicated due to resource and engineering issues.

In addition, even if Remedy invests into such changes for Alan Wake, the game will just not be the same as specific tracks were used as a punctuation for the end of certain chapters and episodes.

Remedy said that it is looking into renewing the licenses for the music used in Alan Wake, but the developer has no timeframe on when that will happen. It is a safe bet that Alan Wake will never be sold again, so for those who would want it in their libraries, you have a few more days to download the excellent horror game.

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