Apple just introduced a dedicated section on its website called "Today At Apple," which allows users to sign up on the company's education and entertainment classes, which are due this week at its retail stores across the globe.

Today At Apple

Potential patrons can view available events and sign up for them if so they choose. The events are automatically filtered by location, but visitors can narrow that down by date or category, such as "Music" or "Photo & Video."

Apple announced Today at Apple sessions last month. It's the company's way of making its brick and mortar stores more than just display venues for its products. It wants to turn these places into breeding grounds for creative lessons and classes, with Apple products at the crux of every session, of course.

Musical Performances

Apple has already scheduled musical performances at some of its larger stores. Grammy nominees Leon Bridges and Charlie Puth, for instance, are set to play in one of Apple's San Francisco stores.

For those interested in attending one of Apple's forthcoming classes, the new website shouldn't feel different: it's basically similar in concept to what Apple has previously used for managing in-store events and classes. The only difference now, however, is that there is a broader and bigger lineup of events coming people's way.

Kids Hour, Creative Classes, Accessibility Basics, And More

What's more, the website also provides a look at what type of events Apple is set to hold in specific stores. For one, there's a "Kids Hour" program, in which parents can bring their children to learn about Apple-branded software such as GarageBand and iMovie.

There are also "how-to" sessions for a range of creative arts, including music production, video editing, and a whole lot more, which aims to make you better equipped in using Apple's range of software for creative outputs. Meanwhile, for those who want to learn about the different accessibility options for the visually or hearing impaired, you may sign up for the "Accessibility Basic" classes and learn how Apple products enable accessibility options for those who might have difficulty using them because of their impairment.

To see which classes are available near your area, you can visit the Today at Apple website. There are plenty of classes to choose from, with more than 60 types of sessions you can cut your teeth into. If you're aching for a more outdoorsy affair, you can participate in the Photo or Sketch Walks, which will take groups outside to perform a number of creative activities. Studio Hours, meanwhile, are for pros who want to participate in discussions regarding art, design, and personal projects. There are plenty of events in the roster, and chances are you'll find something right for you, no matter what your interests are.

Hopefully Apple extends these sessions to include classes inside its behemoth Apple Park campus, the company's future headquarters.

Plan on attending any of Apple's classes? Which session are you most interested in? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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