The Ebola virus has caused a lot of problems over the past couple of months, and not even Warner Bros. and the rest of the Batman v Superman crew could escape the wrath of this disease.

It was reported a long time ago that Zack Snyder and his team planned to film some aspects of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Morocco. However, due to the sudden rise of the deadly Ebola virus, the team chose to abandon plans of staying in the African country, and instead preferred to shoot in New Mexico.

We're guessing it would have been less expensive to film a movie in Morocco, or maybe Warner Bros. wanted to escape from the prying eyes of the American press. Whatever the case may be, things did not work out as planned for Warner Bros. and we are certain no one is happy about it.

Furthermore, even as the country has not been affected by the virus, Warner Bros. should not allow its people to enter the country. It is better to play it safe than to be sorry later.

From what we are seeing from the New Mexico site, it seems Zack Snyder has found the home of Wonder Woman. Pictures and videos so far have shown something that looks similar to the Amazonian princess' home. Furthermore, Henry Cavill is set to take part in the filming, so it is possible Superman could be paying a visit.

Where is Ben Affleck in all of this? No one knows for sure if the star will take part in the final leg in New Mexico, or if he has already done his part.

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