'Shia LaBeouf' Is An Actor, "Not Famous Anymore," And Now A Song


What's in a name Shia LaBeouf?

Many of us first got to know about actor Shia LaBeouf through the Disney movie, "Holes".

He next appeared in a handful of movies, such as "Constantine" and "I, Robot," but it's safe to say that his biggest movie followed next: "Transformers".

He's been in a number of movies since, including a sequel we try to forget existed. A string of bizarre incidents have occurred in the past year with Shia, mostly involving Twitter. He even made a claim that he was supposedly retiring from acting, which turned out to be some kind of strange art project including the hashtags #stopcreating and #IAMSORRY. This latest video is of a song named after the actor by Rob Cantor, a singer & songwriter, who is known for his 29 celebrity impression video, which turned out to be him lip-syncing other peoples' voices. I am not sure about the how or why, but who am I to question this video's existence? Just hit play, it's so worth it!

Here it is, in all its comedic, artsy glory :

One wonders if this is the end of Shia's creatively strange antics or just another step in a long line of projects to come. Bravo to Rob and Shia on this video, it is extremely entertaining!

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