New Leak Claims OnePlus 5 Is More Powerful Than Galaxy S8 Or Google Pixel


In the coming weeks, OnePlus is expected to show off the OnePlus 5, a smartphone meant to compete with the Samsung S8 and Google Pixel. However, a recent leak reveals that the OnePlus 5 may be more powerful than either of those phones.

Faster Apps

Thanks to OnePlus' partnership with DxO, the OnePlus 5 is expected to have one of the best cameras available on a smartphone, but a recent leak from TechRadar reveals that the phone may be better for gaming as well.

The Pixel remains a great smartphone and still has plenty to offer, but its components are getting a bit older. The S8, on the other hand, features Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor and is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.

Despite featuring the same processor, recent leaks claim that the OnePlus 5 may actually be faster than the S8. The leak compares the speeds of the OnePlus 5, Pixel, and S8 in terms of opening apps. In nearly every instance, the OnePlus 5 is several seconds faster than its counterparts from Samsung or Google.

One thing that is unclear is whether or not the OnePlus 5 used in this test featured 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM. Obviously, more RAM would result in a faster phone, so it is tempting to assume this was the 6 GB model. Of course, the type of RAM used in the phone would also make a difference.

As of right now, we don't know what type of RAM will be used in the OnePlus 5. We don't even know if the aforementioned leak is legitimate, though TechRadar mentioned that it came from a trusted source.

Price And Release Date

Of course, all that extra speed won't come cheap and rumors suggest that those costs will be passed onto consumers. Previous models of the OnePlus have been more affordable than Apple or Samsung's offerings, but leaks suggest that might change this time around. A source who spoke to Android Authority said that OnePlus was "looking at a significantly higher price point due to components and design."

In terms of specifics, the source mentioned that the price could be as high as $650. While that is more expensive than previous models of the OnePlus, it's still cheaper than the Galaxy S8 and significantly cheaper than the iPhone 8, which is rumored to cost north of $1,000.

OnePlus doesn't follow an annual release cycle, but current trends suggest the phone will be released in summer of 2017.

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