Alleged OnePlus 5 Render Shows Horizontal Dual Cameras, Not Vertical


It appears the OnePlus 5, though confirmed for a summer launch, simply can't escape the typical swirl of rumors. Past reports have hinted at what specs and features it might come with, and past renders have provided an alleged view of its design.

Now, we're getting yet another purported first look at the OnePlus 3T successor.

New OnePlus 5 Render Features Horizontal Dual Cameras

A newly leaked render now shows a slightly different OnePlus 5 design from the ones released before. By now, the rumor about the phone's dual camera setup seems a shoo-in, and previous renders suggest that the sensors are oriented in a vertical position. This new render, however, shows them in a horizontal position.

It's unclear what makes a vertical setup different from a horizontal one. It's worth noting, however, that phone manufacturers usually — but not always — like to put dual cameras in a horizontal position, as exemplified by the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, LG G6, and more. No information at present can prove which orientation is definitively better, so we can assume that whichever OnePlus ends up picking is purely an aesthetic choice.

Since OnePlus isn't dropping any clues about its forthcoming flagship, it's hard to say which render is actually accurate. Because there's so much variation in the design, it's hard to pinpoint what seems legitimate.

It's possible these renders are simply fanmade iterations of the OnePlus 5, thus providing nothing at all but false expectations. Needless to say that you should take all these rumors with a grain of salt, even if they seem pretty plausible. In fact, maybe it's best to just wait for OnePlus's official word on this, since the unveiling could happen anytime now, anyway.

OnePlus 5 Rumors

As far as specs are concerned, rumors suggest that the OnePlus 5 will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. If true, it'll be the second phone to come with such a processor, following the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The device's RAM has been a point of contention, with some suggesting 6 GB, and some a whopping 8 GB — the highest RAM configuration on a smartphone by far. Rumors suggest the phone could come with 64 GB of internal storage, a 3,600 mAh battery, and a fingerprint scanner on the front. Whether the headphone jack will remain is unclear, but unless OnePlus plans to upset its customers, it'll likely stay.

Because the OnePlus 5 will be a top-tier flagship like its predecessors, expect nothing less than a Quad HD screen, premium materials, and an overall solid aesthetic. OnePlus likes to make flagships that are top-of-the-line but ones which won't break your bank. That pattern will likely continue with the OnePlus 5.

Right now, all these are just nothing but rumors. As always, expect due coverage when we find out more. Whatever happens, this year is certainly gearing up to be one of the most interesting times for smartphones, with the G6, Galaxy S8, the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 8, and the OnePlus 5 all poised to duke it out inside the arena.

Thoughts about this new OnePlus 5 render? What features do you expect on the forthcoming flagship? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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