Nike has just unveiled a series of Apple Watch bands that match with pairs of Nike sneakers, perfect for those who not only want to up their fitness game but also their fashion game.

Nike's New Day To Night Sports Bands

The lineup, called "Day to Night," features four different sports band colors, complete with perforated holes for optimum ergonomics, since the straps will most likely be used in fitness activities such as running, swimming, hiking, and similar intensive workouts.

The lineup's name doesn't actually allude to any revolutionary feature. No, they don't glow in the dark, and no, they don't adapt to outfit changes from day to night. Nike notes that the name is inspired by a shade of the sky, from dawn to dusk, with the collection meant to "celebrate runners whenever they choose to run."

The sports bands themselves are crafted from strong, flexible fluoroelastomer materials, resulting in lightweight bands with holes for ventilation, as previously mentioned.

Nike Day To Night Pricing And Release Date

Each sports band will cost $49, launching at the the beginning of June via Nike's website, select Nike retail stores, and in "early June" at Apple's website, Apple stores, Apple Authorized resellers, and select department stores.

Sneakers Sold Separately

Of course, Nike's sneakers will be sold separately, so those aching for a matchy-matchy Nike fitness getup will have to shell out more cash. Nike didn't say whether it plans to bundle the bands together with their respective sneakers or, in that regard, offer discounts with every purchase of a sports band. The sneakers themselves will go up for sale the same day as the sports bands, retailing for $190 a pair.

But those who aren't too fond of the Day to Night lineup may still turn to Nike's other sports band designs for the Apple Watch, among them this past spring's lineup and Nike's other more traditional sports bands, which typically cost $49.

Apple Watch NikeLab

Most recently, Apple and Nike released the Apple Watch NikeLab late April, which packs in the same specs found on the older-generation Apple Watch Nike+ version. Notably, the watch supports the Nike+ Run Club app, which tracks the user's running activities. It even features extra Siri commands.

The NikeLab watch, in addition to the new Day to Night lineup, prove that Apple and Nike's collaboration remains prosperous, and for good reason: Apple is starting to market the Apple Watch as a fitness-focused device, which it can push further by piggybacking on Nike's fitness branding. Most importantly, despite waning interest for smartwatches, Apple is still making leads in the segment, and it likely won't stop anytime soon.

It's easy to imagine that, once the Apple Watch Series 3 comes around, Apple will still work with Nike to bring special Apple Watch iterations and accessories.

Thinking of picking up one of Nike's new sports bands? What do you think about the whole Day to Night lineup, and what's your favorite of the bunch? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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