Google wants to make it easier for families to share useful and fun things so it's adding new sharing options across a number of its services.

Sharing content and keeping tabs on important events just got a whole lot easier thanks to the latest features, as families can now share their Google Photos, Calendar, Keep and YouTube TV to be even more connected.

Google Family Sharing Is Now Easier

"Popcorn. Snuggles. Sniffles. Families share a lot of stuff — and now we're making it even easier to share and stay connected with each other by giving you more to do with your family group on Google," says the company.

The new Google Families option allows users to share photos, notes, dates and more with up to five other family members. Sharing with multiple people is as easy as clicking a button, and everyone can keep track of things. The feature is only available for some of Google's core digital services, but it will likely expand in the future to cover even more apps.

Google Families: How It Works

Creating a family group in Google Calendar will automatically set up a "Family Calendar," enabling all participants to keep track of various group activities such as movie nights, picnics, reunions and others such.

Google Keep family sharing works pretty much the same way. Users can add a family group for any note, allowing all collaborators to edit to-do lists, shopping lists and whatever other Keep notes. Each note shared with a family group will have a special label to denote that it's a family group, showing a house with a heart in the middle.

Google Photos also gets a new Family Group option, accessible from the Share menu. With this feature, users can select photos and easily share them with family members.

Lastly, YouTube TV also allows up to six family members to have their own cloud DVR for $35 per month, so that running out of space is never an issue. To get started with family sharing, users have to create a family group and start enjoying their favorite content from live TV or popular cable networks. YouTube TV just launched in select markets.

How To Set Up Your Google Play Family Library

To take advantage of Google's new family sharing options, users will have to set up a Google Play Family Library. To do so, simply open the Google Play Store app, select the menu icon at the top left, then tap Account > Family > Sign up for Family Library.

These sharing options cover a wide variety of content and the Photos, Calendar, Keep and YouTube TV expand on the available features. Families of up to six members can also share movies, TV shows, games, apps, and books from Google Play. To activate their membership in a family group, each family member has to go through the steps detailed above.

What do you think of these new Google family sharing options? Would they be useful for your family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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