Pinc, a virtual reality startup, is incorporating VR technology into the iPhone 6 by instantly turning the device into a gesture control interface similar to the one seen in Minority Report and Iron Man. Interestingly, users can access a mobile VR platform that is designed to support content creation, content consumption, and e-commerce by way of spatial interaction.

Multi-touch gestures are aided by a pair of finger tacks or "pinchers." The gestures are then tracked by the iPhone's camera. Movements of the head and body are also captured by Pinc through the use of the iPhone's Apple M8 motion coprocessor.

Canadian-based Pinc is not the first company that has attempted to bring the VR experience in the style of the Oculus Rift to mobile devices. Just recently, Google launched its own Cardboard experiment that introduces the VR concept in an inexpensive fashion.

Samsung has created the Gear VR, which the company integrates with its own Note 4. Other companies have also created similar products that take advantage of the iPhone's display.

Among all these products, it is Pinc's software -- coupled with its integration capacity -- that turns it into a standard-looking iPhone case. The gesture-based input system gives it an absolutely huge edge. So far, it offers one of the most promising VR implementations that has ever been made.

Pinc is offering a complete package, which it touts as the "next generation computing in your pocket." It features a backplate and optics module that protects the iPhone 6 from daily use. It is specifically designed to work with the latest generation of iPhone 6 devices. It comes with magnetic front plate and tacks and a collapsible VR headset. Lastly, it has a magnetic case cover that gives a sleek and solid feel yet fits comfortably in one's hand whether it's opened or closed.

Pinc has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to seek backers that will help them continue developing Pinc so it can reach the hands of early adopters and developers. The aim is to raise C$100,000 (around US$89,000) in one month.

The company is now accepting pre-orders through its official site where people can get the Pinc Discovery Edition for the price of C$99 (US$88). Shipping is expected to begin next spring. The campaign may enable the company to improve the pinchers and help to launch the software development kit.

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