Sony released a firmware update for its PlayStation 4 console on Tuesday, May 30. However, soon after installing the update, users complained of a host of problems.

The latest PS4 update 4.70 appears to have some kind of compatibility issue with the console as owners reported locked up PS4s, which were stuck on the main menu screen.

PS4 Update 4.70 Issues

The bug does not seem to be specific to any one device, as owners of both the PS4 and PS4 Pro reported facing these issues. However, some owners of the Sony console were able to install the update without any complications.

Several users took to Reddit to voice their thoughts and the issues they were encountering post updating their PS4 Pro or PS4 to update 4.70.

"The past two updates have caused havoc with my ps4. The first time I've turned it on with an update available has sent it into spasm crashing, freezing and generally not being able to turn the system off or on properly," a user noted on Reddit.

Some also complained in Sony's support forum regarding the "error code SU-30625-6" to bring the matter to the company's attention.

"So I just got on my ps4 this morning and I knew something was immediately off when I turned on my ps4. It wasn't going to the main menu, it wasn't loading my game, it was doing nothing. I couldn't do anything on my ps4 either, my controller wouldn't work and I could tell it to restart. Then I decided to hold the power button to turn it off but when I held it for 30 seconds it wouldn't do anything," a PS4 owner complained.

Sony is yet to face the issue plaguing the consoles post the firmware update and offer a solution to the problem. However, users can try some fixes which seem to have worked for other PS4 owners after installing the new update.

PS4 Update 4.70: How To Fix The Problem?

The first step to try and resolve the issue is to shut down the console if it freezes by holding down the power mode. While starting it up, users will need to hold it down until they hear two beeps. This will open the PS4's safe mode. From there, users should restore storage, restart, boot back to safe mode, and then install the update.

If the first step does not work, users can reboot the console in safe mode and then disconnect the internet connection —LAN or Wi-Fi — from the console. Users should then Rebuild Database and reconnect to the internet. It should be safe to update after following these steps.

Users who still cannot fix the bugs from the update can disconnect the external hard drive from the console. Next, reboot the PS4 and go to the Main Menu then reconnect the external hard disk. After this repair, the memory and the PS4 will automatically restart.

The PS4 update 4.70 does not bring major changes to the console and only improves the overall performance of the device. However, many Sony fans are disappointed by the poorly optimized firmware update the company released.

It remains to be seen if Sony will release a fix for the issue or will offer users an effective workaround to the problem.

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