Need For Speed Payback Announced By EA With E3 And EA Play Around The Corner

The Need for Speed series has been dormant since the 2015 entry, with only a few teases here and there about the future of the series. With EA Play and E3 right around the corner, EA has decided to get an early start and announced Need for Speed Payback.

You Against 'The House'

The newest entry in EA's long-running series, Need for Speed Payback, will follow the route of previous entries like 2005's Most Wanted, Carbon, or The Run, focusing on a team of drivers who get sucked into a conflict where their only way out is their driving. It will follow Tyler (the racer), Mac (the showman), and Jess (the wheelman) who decide to team up and take down The House, the most powerful cartel in the game's setting, Fortune Valley. This will also put the three in the crosshairs of other gangs and corrupt cops under The House's payroll.

The new entry is being developed by Ghost Games, making Payback the third straight game from the team after the 2015 entry and Rivals. Like the previous games, the game is set in an open world environment with a mix of on-and-off road races to win money in-game to buy new cars. Winnings can also be spent on more upgrades, a staple in early games that made a comeback in the last two entries.

Anyone worried about needing an internet connection to play need not to panic, as Payback's single-player will be fully playable offline. This is a big departure from the last few games, which have had some kind of online feature, even in the single-player. This was a big complaint of 2015's Need for Speed, which was plagued with issues at launch.

Building Momentum

The timing of this couldn't have been better for EA with both EA Play and E3 right around the corner. For anyone unfamiliar, EA Play is an EA hosted event for the public the weekend before E3 to show off its upcoming slate of titles. The first event was held last year and included a keynote event that took place simultaneously in Los Angeles and London. This year's EA Play will run June 10-12 and kick off with a keynote on the first day.

The reveal of Need for Speed Payback will certainly be a big boost to EA's momentum going into EA Play and E3 week regardless. It feels like a lot of games are trying to regain favor with fans this year, and if Need for Speed can show well at both events, EA looks to have another big hitter for the holiday season.

Need for Speed Payback will be available Nov. 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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