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Netflix Is Coming To… E3? New Netflix Game Adaptations Might Be Announced

Netflix is attending E3 to talk more about its forthcoming ‘Stranger Things’ game. But perhaps it’s got more announcements up its sleeve than it’s letting on.

Video Games May 15, 2019

Microsoft’s Upcoming E3 Will Be Its Biggest Yet, Says Xbox Chief

Microsoft has big plans for this year’s E3. With Sony and Nintendo out of the way, it stands a chance to make a really big splash by announcing major titles and perhaps even successors to the Xbox One.

Microsoft January 28, 2019

Bethesda Announces 'Fallout 76' By Releasing Teaser Trailer Before E3 2018

Bethesda will be releasing a new game in the 'Fallout' universe called 'Fallout 76.' Not much is known about the game but Vault 76 has been teased in prior games.

Video Games May 30, 2018

Video Game Company Square Enix Announces Presentation At 2018 E3 Conference

Square Enix revealed through social media that the video game company would have a presentation at the 2018 E3 Expo. Gamers and media outlets continue to guess which games will be highlighted.

Video Games May 8, 2018

E3 2017: Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, And All The Announcements From Nintendo Direct

Going into E3 2017, Nintendo needed to keep up the momentum for the Switch after a successful launch back in March. The Nintendo Direct definitely delivered with news about Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, and more.

Video Games June 13, 2017

E3 2017: Grading Ubisoft And PlayStation Press Conferences

Before the show floor opens, some of gaming's biggest studios took to the stage to show what will be at E3 2017. So how did Ubisoft and PlayStation's press conferences measure up?

Video Games June 13, 2017

E3 2017: 'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Ends Ubisoft Press Conference On A High Note

In 2003, 'Beyond Good and Evil' sent players to a galaxy ruled by corporations and a mystery only Jade and Pey'j could solve. About 14 years later, 'Beyond Good & Evil 2' has finally re-emerged, ending the Ubisoft press conference with a bang.

Video Games June 13, 2017

E3 2017: Grading EA, Xbox, and Bethesda Press Conferences

Before the show floor opens, some of gaming's biggest studios used the weekend to unveil what's on the way. So how good or bad were the EA, Xbox, And Bethesda press conferences?

Video Games June 12, 2017

E3 2017: 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' Trailer Teases A New American Revolution

2014's 'Wolfenstein: The New Order' was a fresh shot in the arm to the original first-person shooter series thanks to developer MachineGames. With E3 now in full gear, Bethesda has debuted 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus,' promising a new American Revolution, this time to end Nazi rule.

Video Games June 12, 2017

E3 2017: From EA To Nintendo, The When And What Of E3's Press Conferences

Historically, E3's press conferences have been the centerpieces of the trade show, giving companies such as EA and Nintendo a platform to make bombshell announcements. So when are the press conferences and what should we expect?

Video Games June 9, 2017

E3 2017: Can EA Rebound With 'Star Wars Battlefront II'

Despite hosting its own event the weekend before E3, EA is still a big presence at the show. One of the biggest titles on hand will be 'Star Wars Battlefront II', which looks to make up for a disappointing first entry.

Video Games June 3, 2017

Need For Speed Payback Announced By EA With E3 And EA Play Around The Corner

EA's long-running driving series has been dormant since 2015's 'Need for Speed'. With E3 and EA Play right around the corner, EA has decided to build some momentum with the debut of 'Need for Speed Payback.'

Video Games June 2, 2017

Leaked 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' T-Shirt Reveals Mysterious Main Character, New Logo: More Details To Come At E3 2017?

A leaked t-shirt for 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' gives players a good look at the game's mysterious main character. The protagonist is supposedly named Ba Yek, and fans hope that they will see more of him at E3 2017.

Video Games May 31, 2017

E3 2017: What Games Could EA Have In Store?

With E3 right around the corner, all of gaming's biggest powerhouses are preparing the heavy hitters for the show. While EA hosts its own event before the trade show, its presence is still very much felt by attendees.

Video Games May 28, 2017

E3 2017 Will Have Strong Indie Presence

E3 has always been built around the bigger companies of gaming. It doesn't look like that will be the case for E3 2017 though, as we're expecting plenty of indie developers at the event.

Video Games May 27, 2017

E3 2017: What Ubisoft Could Have In Store

With E3 around the corner, all of gaming's biggest companies are preparing for one of the biggest weeks of the year. Ubisoft has always tried to make the most of the week, and is looking to have another good year.

Movies/TV Shows May 27, 2017

Road To E3 2017: Can Nintendo Keep The Switch's Momentum Up?

With E3 2017 right around the corner, it's time to take a look ahead at what's on the way. In Nintendo's case, will the Switch's momentum continue through the show?

Video Games May 24, 2017

Road To E3 2017: Can Xbox And Project Scorpio Live Up To The Hype?

With E3 2017 around the corner, let's take a look at what lies ahead at the trade show. Can Xbox and Project Scorpio live up to the hype?

Video Games May 24, 2017

Road To E3 2017: Can Sony Keep PlayStation On Top?

With the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo a couple weeks out, it's time to take a look at what fans could see. First up, can Sony keep the PlayStation on top?

Video Games May 23, 2017

Sony Will Live Stream 15 Hours Of E3 2017, And Gamers Will Get Free Stuff If They Watch

Sony's PlayStation Live from E3 2017 live stream will broadcast over 15 hours of coverage for the annual video game event. The announcement of the live stream comes as the PlayStation Network achieved the milestone of 70 million monthly active users.

Video Games May 23, 2017

Nintendo Reveals Plans For E3 2017: First Playable 'Super Mario Odyssey' Demo, 'Splatoon 2' And 'Arms' Tournaments, And More

Nintendo revealed its plans for the upcoming E3 2017 in June, with the company preparing to showcase upcoming Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS titles. Attendees will also be able to try out the first playable demo of 'Super Mario Odyssey.'

Video Games May 13, 2017

Microsoft Xbox FanFest Returns For E3 2017: 500 Gamers Will Get To Try Out Project Scorpio

Microsoft is bringing back the Xbox FanFest to this year's annual E3. Gamers who will be able to acquire a ticket to the event will be able to try out the company's next console, the Xbox Project Scorpio.

Video Games April 18, 2017

Microsoft To Unveil Xbox Project Scorpio At E3: Specs, Price, And Release Date

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer confirmed that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be fully unveiled at the upcoming E3. What details will gamers expect from Microsoft's presentation at the annual video game expo?

Video Games April 13, 2017

Xbox E3 2017 To Focus More On Games, May Debut Project Scorpio Console

Microsoft’s focus on this E3 2017 will be on games, according to head of Xbox Phil Spencer. The company may also debut its new Xbox console code-named Project Scorpio.

Video Games March 27, 2017

We Pick Our Favorite E3 2016 Reveals

With E3 2016 now over, we survey the new video game landscape and choose which reveals were our favorites.

Feature | Culture June 17, 2016

E3 Has Come A Long Way Since These 1995 Video Reveals Of The PS1 And Sega Saturn

E3 is more than 20 years old, as these videos from the very first E3 make abundantly clear.

Video Games June 16, 2016

E3 2016: Insomniac’s ‘Spider-Man’ Trailer Hints At Two Major Villains (And A Potential Plot)

Insomniac’s E3 ‘Spider-Man’ trailer got everyone’s attention, but there’s more to the footage if you pay close attention.

Video Games June 14, 2016

The Best (And Worst) Moments In E3 History

E3 2016 is nearly here, making it the perfect time to relive some of the best (and worst) moments from E3's 25-year history.

Video Games June 9, 2016

'Saints Row' Developer Unveils Open-World Game 'Agents Of Mayhem'

The developer behind the well-renowned 'Saints Row' series debuted its open-world game 'Agents of Mayhem.' Here is what we know so far about this latest title.

Video Games June 7, 2016

8 E3 Announcements That Never Became Reality

Here are some of the most notable games and announcements that never came together outside the E3 stage.

Video Games June 7, 2016

'Dead Rising 4' Might Have Just Been Leaked Ahead Of E3

A fourth entry in Capcom's zombie franchise may be in the works.

Video Games June 6, 2016

Sony PlayStation E3 2016 Coming To A Theater Near You: Here Are The Details

Sony's PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 will be shown live through more than 85 movie theaters across the United States, Canada and Latin America. Here are the details you need to know about Sony's E3 briefing.

Video Games May 31, 2016

New 'The Last Guardian' Details Reveal That Trico Isn't As Innocent As It Appears

New details about the long-awaited PS4 exclusive have hit the Web, revealing new information about the game's lead creature.

Video Games May 26, 2016

YouTube Gaming Set To Roll Out Event Hubs With E3 Live Streams: Here's The Deal

Google is rolling out event hubs for YouTube Gaming, just in time for E3 next month. The platform will also host a 12-hour E3 special.

Video Games May 26, 2016

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Is Set To Arrive Early 2017, More Info Coming At E3

The new 'Mass Effect' will now officially be arriving early next year, but fans will be able to learn more about the game next month.

Video Games May 10, 2016

Nintendo Dedicates E3 Presentation Slot Exclusively To 'The Legend of Zelda'

Nintendo plans on using its E3 presentation slot this year to live-stream the new 'The Legend of Zelda' game, which is also the only playable game the company will have at this year's conference.

Video Games May 5, 2016

A New Version Of The Xbox One Could Be Coming This Summer, According To Latest Rumor

Might Microsoft announce a new version of the Xbox One at E3 this summer? A new rumor says yes.

Geek April 13, 2016

Electronic Arts Planning To Ditch E3 2016, Will Host Own EA Play Event Instead

EA goes the way of Bethesda and Nintendo. It'll host it own E3 event, away from the big stage and showroom floor.

Video Games January 28, 2016

GGMM’s E3 Wireless Speaker Doesn’t Require A Smartphone For Cloud Music Streaming

GGMM gets a head-start on CES with a cool new wireless speaker.

Gadgets December 29, 2015

'FIFA 16' Has Announced Career Mode Innovations That Bring The Video Game Closer To The Sport

Ahead of its release this month, 'FIFA 2016' has made two significant changes to its career mode component.

Geek September 2, 2015

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Project Adds PS4 Physical Copy Reward

Donations of $60 and higher would allow backers of Shenmue 3 to acquire a copy of the game, which now includes an option for a PlayStation 4 physical copy.

Video Games July 6, 2015

E3 2015: 'Halo 5: Guardians' Developer Clarifies Details About In-Game Microtransactions

Many gamers grew upset after 323 Industries announced that 'Halo 5: Guardians' would have microtransactions. Now, though, the developer has taken to its blog to better explain their microtransactions system.

XBOX One June 18, 2015

'Fallout 4' Graphics vs. 'Fallout 3' Graphics: Big Improvements Or Ho-hum Just Alright?

'Fallout 4' graphics: have they improved much from 'Fallout 3'?

Geek June 18, 2015

Nintendo's Newly Announced Games At E3 2015: Legend Of Zelda, Metroid Prime, Yo-Kai Watch And More

Nintendo unveils a solid lineup of new titles for its gaming systems. Here's what to get all psyched up for.

Video Games June 18, 2015

Odell Beckham Jr. Highlights 'Madden NFL 16' Trailer With One-Handed Miracle Catch

New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. highlights EA Sports' 'Madden NFL 16' trailer with a one-handed miracle catch. It replicates his grab against the Dallas Cowboys last November - widely considered the greatest reception ever.

Geek June 17, 2015

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