During its WWDC presentation on Monday, June 5, Apple announced that Amazon's video app is finally heading to the Apple TV, confirming past rumors suggesting such.

Yes, Amazon Prime Video will soon be accessible via the Apple TV, allowing Amazon Prime members to stream Amazon's lineup of original content such as The Man in the High Castle, Emmy-winning Transparent, and a lot more on their Apple-branded streaming box.

Amazon Prime Video Heading To Apple TV

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, confirmed that Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV will roll out "later this year," which is also around the time the company plans to release more information about tvOS. Beyond Amazon Prime Video, there were no direct announcement about tvOS during the presentation.

In a tweet, Amazon confirmed that it plans to integrate Amazon Prime Video with the Apple TV app, which centralizes all TV shows on Apple TV in one place for easier searching and access.

Amazon vs Apple: Is The Feud Calming Down?

The arrival of Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV signals another thing altogether — that Apple and Amazon may have finally settled some of their differences. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has previously said that his company and Cook's couldn't agree on "acceptable business terms" for it to put its video-streaming service app on Apple TV.

The toxic relationship had been evident in 2015, when Amazon stopped selling Apple TVs on its store because of its lack of any Prime Video app and access to Amazon's content. The company hasn't confirmed whether Apple TV will pop back up on its online store given that both have entered a deal, it seems.

What Apple TV Users Can Expect From Amazon Prime Video

Anyhow, Amazon Prime Video should be excellent news for those who own an Apple TV and are subscribed to Amazon Prime, since they'll finally have access to Amazon's stellar array of original content, in addition to the wide library of films and non-original TV shows available on the video streaming service.

Amazon's original lineup includes dramas such as Bosch, The Man in the High Castle, Goliath, Sneaky Pete, Z: The Beginning of Everything, and Patriot, all of which have been renewed for additional seasons. In the comedy spectrum, there are also shows such as Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, Red Oaks, One Mississippi, and I Love Dick.

Some of these shows have gone on to win Emmy or Golden Globe awards, in fact, so there's a lot on Amazon Video worth tuning in for. Amazon's library is not as expansive as Netflix's, to be sure, but what it has at present is pretty excellent, regardless.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is available to Prime Video subscribers, letting them watch whatever they want anytime, anywhere, as long as they're subscribed. The service launched worldwide in late 2016 as part of a global push by Amazon offering subscription prices that undercut what Netflix offers.

Apart from Apple TV announcements, Apple also unveiled hardware and software upgrades during its WWDC presentation, which is now up on its website.

Thrilled about Amazon Prime Video finally heading over to the Apple TV later this year? Thoughts about Apple and Amazon's years-long fight that's now seemingly ending? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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