Blizzard Celebrates 'Overwatch' Anniversary With Hero-Themed PS4, Xbox One Controllers, But You Can't Buy Them

Blizzard has unveiled several custom Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, designed around the game's 24 heroes. Unfortunately, however, you won't be able to purchase them.

Blizzard Unveils 48 'Overwatch'-Themed Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Controllers

Blizzard partnered with ARTtitude to design all 48 custom controllers, enlisting the help of talented European street artists. Blizzard will hand out all the controllers through a series of contests and giveaways organized across Europe throughout the year.

The controllers are nothing short of stunning pieces of eyecandy, decked with a flurry of symbols, patterns, icons, and vibrant colors particular to the Overwatch hero each design represents.

How To Get The Controllers

Again, the controllers are not up for sale. Sorry, Overwatch fans, but you can't just snag them directly from Blizzard. Instead, you'll have to watch out for the company's forthcoming competitions and contests to get them. More information about the contests, which are part of Overwatch's first anniversary, will arrive later this year. Of course, expect due coverage when we learn more.

Blizzard has yet to confirm if it's going to sell the controllers after the series of contests ends. But seeing as there are 24 designs each for both type of controllers, manufacturing several units per design would certainly present some challenges. If Blizzard doesn't end up selling more units, however, it's easy to imagine that all controllers will go up for sale — with insane markups, surely — in no time at all.

Tsuchinoko San, Ned Nedellec, Simon Delart, Hugo Delart, Julie Lefebvre, Marcos Clatablera, and Joshua Kelly are the artists involved in designing all the controllers. You can check them all out on Blizzard's website.

Take a look at the designs and feel free to tell us your favorite down in the comments section!

Other 'Overwatch' News

In related Overwatch news, Blizzard recently unveiled a new assault map via the public test realm that takes players to the moon. Named Horizon Lunar Colony, the map throws players into an abandoned lunar colony, pitting two teams of six. To win, a team must take two control points.

Overwatch also recently got an update that brought several changes to Reaper, McCree, and Roadhog.

Reaper gained a lifesteal ability that allows him to get 20 percent of the damage dealt back as health. Previously, Reaper regenerated 50 health points by picking up dropped orbs from fallen opponents.

Blizzard also made McCree's Deadeye ultimate lock on after only 0.2 seconds, as opposed to the previous time of 0.8 seconds. What's more, the accumulated damage over the first 1.0 second has been upped to 80 from the previous 20.

On the other hand, Roadhog received a nerf, decreasing his bullet damage by 33 percent. His head hitbox was also reduced in size by 20 percent, and his fire rate was increased by 30 percent.

Check out our article to learn about all the changes included in the recent Overwatch update.

Overwatch Anniversary Event

Blizzard launched Overwatch's anniversary event May 23, rolling out 100 new items and three new maps. However, fans have called out Blizzard about having too many Legendary skins, and acquiring them all costs too much. Jeff Kaplan, the game's director, ensured fans that Blizzard is listening with regard to the loot boxes.

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