Attention, GameStop Online Shoppers: Cybercriminals May Have Stolen Your Credit Cards, Company Says

GameStop has confirmed that its online shoppers' credit cards may have been stolen, sending out a warning to all those who might be affected.

This comes hot on the heels of when the retailer had suspicions of a possible data breach back in April.

GameStop Customers' Credit Cards Stolen

GameStop says that cybercriminals may have gotten ahold of certain online customers' names, addresses, and credit card info.

"GameStop identified and addressed a potential security incident that was related to transactions made on GameStop's website during a specific period of time. GameStop mailed notification letters to customers who made purchases during that time frame advising them of the incident and providing information on steps they can take," GameStop says.

The retailer has yet to disclose the number of users affected by the data breach, but it did make it clear that those who placed an order between Aug. 10, 2016, and Feb. 9, 2017, are at risk.

GameStop Confirms Stolen Credit Cards

According to GameStop, a third party notified the company that credit cards used to purchase merchandise on its website have been put up for sale on a website somewhere.

It engaged a security firm to look into it, and it promises to continue its investigation on the matter until it's resolved.

"We regret any concern this situation may cause for our customers. GameStop would like to remind its customers that it is always advisable to monitor payment card account statements for unauthorized charges. If you identify such a charge, report it immediately to the bank that issued the card because payment card network rules generally state that cardholders are not responsible for unauthorized charges that are timely reported," GameStop urges.

GameStop's Future Starts Looking Grim

Back in March, GameStop announced that it would be closing down 150 stores, which accounts for 2 to 3 percent of the total, across the globe in 2017.

The retailer made this move in response to a drop in sales caused by increases in digital downloads as more users tend to prefer purchasing download codes.

Despite the strong sales in hardware with the recently unveiled Nintendo Switch and games with copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition, GameStop's stocks still continue to plunge, spelling some difficult times ahead for the retailer.

On an interesting note, GameStop even called the Switch launch as the "strongest, most successful in years."

The Bottom Line

GameStop customers who may be affected by the data breach better keep an eye out for anything that seems amiss with their accounts, as their personal details and credit card info may have been compromised by cybercriminals.

Among other things, that paints a not-so-pretty picture of what lies in the retailer's foreseeable future.

With everything said and done, are you one of the GameStop customers who placed an order between Aug. 10, 2016, and Feb. 9, 2017? If so, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know if you have found anything suspicious on your credit card account statements.

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