BlackBerry is inviting iPhone users to "work wide," as the Canadian handset maker dangles up to $550 worth of incentives amid a package of other holiday promotions.

BlackBerry's trade-up program for iPhone users is accompanied by PayPal financing for the handset manufacturer's hardware and discounts on both the Passport and Z30.

Yes, some iPhone users may have trouble getting past the phrase "trade up." But BlackBerry is significantly lowering the risks of trading out an iPhone for its square-faced Passport.

From Dec. 1 to Feb. 13, 2015, North American consumers can get up to $400 back on their iPhones and BlackBerry will toss in an additional $150. Qualifying iPhones included the 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and 6.

BlackBerry is offering a maximum of $90 for the 4s, $150 for the 5, $130 for the 5C, $235 for the 5S and $400 for the 6 series.

To qualify for the program, the iPhones must be fully functional. All components must be operational, as consumers risk losing their iPhone's incentive pay and even the device itself if BlackBerry finds a problem with the handsets.

"Submissions determined not to meet the eligibility criteria will not qualify for the trade-in or top-up values and the iPhone sent in will not be returned," states BlackBerry.

BlackBerry won't accept any iPhones that have suffered liquid damage or cracks to the screens -- bleed displays also count against device eligibility. The phones' serial number must be valid and any user PINS will need to be deactivated before reaching BlackBerry.

For consumers who meet BlackBerry's trade-up requirement, the handset maker will send out prepaid Visa cards for the eligible amount of money. It could take up to six weeks to receive the prepaid cards.

For consumers mulling over unlocked Passports, BlackBerry has knocked $100 off the smartphone to bring the handset's off-contract price to $499. BlackBerry also says it sliced $275 off the suggested retail price of the Z30 -- oddly, the Ontario-based firm only knocked $250 off the device in Canada.

Rounding out BlackBerry's bag of holiday cheer, the company announced its hardware is now available for PayPal financing. Purchases over $200 are eligible for being split into six monthly payments.

BlackBerry's aggressive courtship of Apple consumers comes as the company announced it is going after the Tim Cook's company on another front. Recently, Samsung and BlackBerry partnered on a deal regarding enterprise services that's poised to rival the partnership between Apple and IBM.

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