Dog Owners, Beware: 5 Brands Of Rawhide Dog Chews Recalled As They Could Make Dogs Sick

United Pet Group has issued a massive recall of rawhide dog chew products that could make dogs sick because of chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

For many dog owners, dogs are not just pets to have around the house; they're members of the family and deserve to be spoiled with tasty snacks and treats. In some cases, however, the treats may pose some issues, and the dog might become ill. This is the case of rawhide dog chews from five brands, which have been pulled off the market because they may not be safe.

The five brands recalled include Digest-eeze, American Beefhide, Healthy Hide, Healthy Hide Good-n-Fit, and Healthy Hide Good-n-Fun. United Pet Group issued the recall after determining that certain rawhide chew plants in Colombia and Mexico, as well as a supplier in Brazil, were using a chemical mixture with an ammonium compound.

United Pet Group Dog Chews Recall

"The compound is an anti-microbial chemical that is approved for cleaning food processing equipment, but it has not been approved in the U.S. as a processing aid in the production of rawhide chews for dogs," explains the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Dog chews from all five brands made their way nationwide, distributed and sold through various retailers both online and in physical retail shops.

Potential Side Effects For Dogs

According to the FDA, considering the volume of potentially contaminated rawhide dog chew products made and distributed, United Pet Group only got a "very limited" number of reports of dog illness.

Consumers mainly complained that the rawhide dog chews had a bad odor, according to the press release. However, customers also reported that their dogs got sick, with the most common symptoms being vomiting and diarrhea.

Directly ingesting quaternary ammonium compounds may also cause a number of other symptoms in dogs, including gastric irritation and reduced appetite, in addition to diarrhea and vomiting. Based on how severe the symptoms are, the dog's condition might warrant veterinary treatment.

How To Tell If Your Dog Chews Are Affected

All dog rawhide chew items from the five brands included in the recall have an expiry date ranging from June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020. The expiry date is noted on the back of the treats package. The recall includes all package weights and sizes.

The FDA points out that the voluntary recall is limited to the aforementioned brands' dog chews containing rawhide, not other dog treats. At the same time, the recall only affects packages with certain lot codes printed on the back side of the package. Affected lot codes start with A, AB, AH, AP, AI, or AV.

Customers who have bought rawhide dog chews from the five brands included in the recall and the products that match the affected lot codes and expiry dates are advised to get rid of the items. For a full refund, consumers should return the product either to United Pet Group, or to the retailer where they purchased it.

United Pet Group reiterates its commitment to pets and owners and says it's still investigating the cause of this issue. The company is also making changes across the manufacturing facilities in question, aiming to prevent such issues from occurring again in the future. Lastly, the company is also collaborating with retailers to make sure the recalled products are not on sale or in inventory anymore.

Have you purchased such rawhide dog chews from one of the affected brands? If so, has your dog experienced any symptoms or issues after the treats? Let us know in the comments section below.

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