The PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man is swinging its way into the console in 2018, and a new trailer for the game was revealed at E3 2017.

The trailer, which closed out Sony's E3 2017 press conference, revealed the massive potential for the open-world Spider-Man.

What We Can Learn From The New 'Spider-Man' Trailer

The nine-minute trailer for Spider-Man started off with the superhero landing on top a New York City skyscraper. The video then quickly moved into the action, as Spider-Man starts picking off enemies one by one through a variety of web attacks.

Spider-Man looked similar to the Batman: Arkham titles, with Spider-Man using stealth to take down opponents while using his web to quickly traverse through great distances. However, Spider-Man is a much different hero compared to Batman, and that showed in the abilities that were featured in the trailer.

The speed and agility of Spider-Man was on full display, especially in the sequence filled with quick-time events where he had to prevent a falling crane from doing massive damage to the city. The superhero's spider-sense was also featured, as things slowed down for Spider-Man whenever an opponent was about to attack while in combat.

Players are given the opportunity to use their environment to launch attacks, such as in one instance when Spider-Man launched a web to a massive hook and swung it to take out two enemies at once.

Another interesting characteristic of the trailer was that it did not feature the more popular villains of the Spider-Man universe. There was no Venom or Green Goblin, but rather an appearance of Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin, and an encounter with Mister Negative, a member of the Snakeheads gang in China who received superpowers from an experiment. Other villains will likely appear in the game though, especially as Spider-Man is known for taking on multiple opponents at once.

One of the best parts of the trailer, however, is right at the end. As Spider-Man takes down the helicopter that carried Mister Negative, a teenager was shown filming the scene. That boy is none other than Miles Morales, leading to theories that he will be playing a role in the game. It has been previously revealed that Peter Parker is the man in the suit for Spider-Man, so it is unclear what role Morales would play, if any, in the upcoming title.

'Spider-Man' Release Date Pushed To 2018

There was speculation that developer Insomniac Games will release Spider-Man this year after the game was first announced at E3 2016. However, it has been confirmed that the game will be launched next year, with no specific release window yet.

Expectations are high for Spider-Man, which follows an original story and not tied to Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is because, due to its open-world nature, it follows as a spiritual successor to Spider-Man 2, which remains as the gold standard for games featuring the web-slinger.

Until then, players can keep watching the amazing gameplay trailer, and hope that Spider-Man will be released early on in 2018.

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