Marvel Studios and Sony haven't tried to hide what will be happening in the wall-crawler's latest big screen venture, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Not looking to change anytime soon, the two released not one, but two new trailers.

Being A Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

The previous trailers gave a general idea of the film's plot, with Peter working to prove himself to Tony Stark that he can hang with the Avengers. This leads him into a fight with a local crew armed with weapons reverse-engineered from alien tech.

The first of these new trailers didn't really show anything new plot-wise, but instead focused more on Peter and his general life as a high schooler and Spider-Man. This is a welcome change from the second trailer that, arguably, showed a lot of what happens. So having such a simple, funny, and character-focused trailer was nice.

One of the key selling points of Spider-Man: Homecoming has been the John Hughes-esque tone, which has shined through in this trailer as well. Marvel Studios and Sony have shown just what being a high schooler and a superhero can be like, and how that makes things interesting for Peter.

This is, in part, thanks to Tom Holland's take on the wall-crawler. Even though he didn't have a ton of screen time in Captain America: Civil War, it was enough to convice a lot of people that he's the best big-screen Spidey so far - a smart-mouthed, awkward, funny kid surrounded by assassins and super-soldiers, but who doesn't feel out of place.

The World's Changin'

That wasn't the same approach to second trailer released, but that's not a bad thing. The second trailer opens with one of the most creative sequences, with Peter's phone videos of him during the airport battle in Civil War.

From there, it shifts focus to the villains, led by Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture. Most trailers to this point had shown very little of the villains, with most footage showing Toomes battling Peter in his Vulture harness. There had even been some teases of Shocker, who looks like he's part of Toomes' crew.

The crew is shown as blue-collar guys who cleaned up after superhero brawls. After Stark sets up a new clean-up crew in company, putting them out of work, they decide to get even by using stolen and wrecked tech from the battles to make their weapons, including the Vulture suit. From there, they stick it to Stark, stealing more weapons and equipment from under his nose, and Peter is the only one willing to stop them.

While the first trailer reinforced tone, this trailer did a good job of selling the scale, or lack thereof, in this film. Even with all the big events Spider-Man has been part of in the comics, cartoons, and video games, he is still a local-level hero, to a degree.

Vulture and his crew are more interested in making a buck than world domination, and Peter has to stop them. This should be a nice break from the universe-ending threats in films like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. Hopefully, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be able to deliver when it opens July 7.

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