While previous reports claimed that Samsung may launch the Galaxy Note 8 sooner than expected, a new report from SamMobile reveals that Samsung could still announce the highly anticipated flagship smartphone at IFA 2017.

As the announcement date for the Galaxy Note 8 remains clouded, the bigger question is whether Samsung will have enough time to fix arguably the worst feature on the Galaxy S8 before carrying it over to the Galaxy Note 8 or if the flawed design will once again be used for the upcoming device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 At IFA 2017

According to a previous report from earlier in the month, Samsung is looking to launch the Galaxy Note 8 in August, ahead of Apple's planned debut for its next batch of iPhones in September. Such a timeline will help Samsung steal some thunder from Apple and its premium iPhone 8, similar to what the company did last year with the Galaxy Note 7 against the iPhone 7.

Unfortunately, Samsung's rush to get the Galaxy Note 7 into the market before the iPhone 7 resulted in perhaps the most embarrassing moment in the company's history, as it had to recall the smartphone due to an exploding battery issue before eventually shutting it down.

Many would think that Samsung learned its lesson in rushing out its products, and according to SamMobile, the company did. Instead of announcing the Galaxy Note 8 in the same time as the Galaxy Note 7 last year, Samsung will hold off the launch until IFA 2017, the consumer electronics trade show that will be held in Berlin starting Sept. 1.

SamMobile said that the information was acquired from internal sources. Samsung may still release some details of the Galaxy Note 8 sooner, but the launch is reportedly planned for IFA 2017.

Final Touches On The Galaxy Note 8?

While a couple more weeks is not that long, it will give Samsung a bit more time in applying the final touches to the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung fans, meanwhile, are also hoping that the extra time is enough for Samsung to come up with the solution to be able to place the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy Note 8 underneath its display.

A report from last week claimed that, despite Samsung's best efforts, the fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy Note 8 will still be placed at the back instead of embedded under the smartphone's screen. The placement of the fingerprint scanner at the back of the Galaxy S8 beside the camera lens is considered as a design flaw, as its placement is in an awkward spot and increases the risk of users smudging the lens with their fingers.

A new leak, however, gives a glimmer of hope that Samsung is working toward eliminating the mistake for the Galaxy Note 8. A photo of the smartphone seemingly shows a dual rear camera with no fingerprint scanner, which would be great for Samsung fans. The authenticity of the picture, however, could not yet be confirmed.

There are still many questions surrounding the smartphone, and for now, users have no choice but to wait for official confirmation from Samsung on what the Galaxy Note 8 will offer.

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