A team of Australian scientists has invented a solar paint that could soon power our homes and cars.

The team, led by Torben Daeneke, says they are hopeful that this new solar paint will provide a clean and affordable source of energy for people around the globe.

Powering The Car Of The Future

While the idea of powering our cars by paint might sound like something out of a science-fiction novel, the concept behind this paint is fairly simple. By combining a catalyst with the white color used in toothpaste, the research team was able to create a white paint that, when combined with sunlight, turns water into hydrogen which can then be used to power cars.

In order to facilitate this process, a catalyst composed partially of molybdenum sulfides is used as both a lubricant and as a means of conducting electricity. The white paint color is necessary to draw in light. Once the water has been converted into usable energy, it then has to be transported to the car's engine. The team says that there are several options available and they are currently working to determine which would be the best means of transferring the energy.

There are plenty of cars that already use hydrogen and solar energy as power sources, so once this technology is finalized, it should be an affordable way to reduce carbon emissions as well as the cost of one's daily commute back and forth from work.

Solar Paint At Home And Work

Since this substance is basically just a fancy white paint, it has applications beyond uses in just cars. The most obvious implication would be to use the paint in homes, perhaps in conjunction with traditional solar panels. Such a setup could drastically reduce a household's electric bill. Of course, the downside to this paint is that it currently only exists in white so those hoping for a bit more visual flair will be disappointed.

Businesses could also benefit from this setup as modern offices consume a lot of electricity, and every business is looking to cut costs.

Solar Paint Timetable

The research team believes that this solar paint is about five years away from being ready for commercial use. However, Daeneke did note that once it is ready, the paint should be fairly affordable so in addition to helping the planet, it will also help people's bank accounts.

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