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Renewables Produced More Energy Than Coal In The United States For The First Time

Are renewable energy sources poised to take over coal? Reports show that America's energy production from renewables surpassed coal in April and may continue to do so.

Energy May 4, 2019

The Secret To Better Solar Cells Could Be Hiding In A Cup Of Coffee

Researchers found that infusing caffeine to perovskite solar cells improves the technology's thermal stability and power conversion efficiency. They believe that the discovery could make perovskite solar cells more commercially viable in the future.

Energy April 26, 2019

China Wants To Build Giant Solar Farm In Orbit To Harvest Sun's Energy

China has revealed plans to construct a massive power plant in space to beam back solar energy to Earth. The country is hoping to launch small to medium solar power stations to orbit around the planet by 2025.

Earth/Environment February 19, 2019

Nanomaterials That Can Assemble Themselves Could Advance Solar Panel Tech

The world is moving toward clean and renewable energy, but the ways to harvest them remain expensive and inefficient. New research developed self-assembling nanomaterials that solve the issues that come with current methods of collecting energy.

Energy January 28, 2019

Scientists Use New Method To Find Electricity Generating Bacteria In Lab

Scientists at MIT developed a technique that can find which strain of bacteria can produce electricity in the most efficient manner. They hope that through the experiment, they can pave the way for the production of clean energy and biofuel.

Energy January 14, 2019

Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis Uses Sunlight To Produce Clean And Renewable Fuel

Researchers used semi-artificial photosynthesis to produce and store solar energy. What makes the method better compared with purely artificial photosynthesis techniques when it comes to generating renewable energy?

Energy September 4, 2018

Artificial Photosynthesis Using Iridium Catalyst May Generate And Store Clean Energy More Efficiently

Using iridium catalyst for artificial photosynthesis could pave way for more efficient means of harvesting and storing solar energy. What makes this better than generating clean energy using solar panels?

Energy March 5, 2018

France Mulls Ban Of All Petrol And Diesel Vehicles By 2040

The ban of petrol and diesel vehicles in France could be happening by 2040. The move recently announced is part of the country's plan to meet its targets under the Paris climate change agreement.

Car Tech July 7, 2017

Want To Cut Your Electric Bill? This Solar Paint Could Do The Trick

Do you want to save the planet and your bank account? A team of Australian researchers has developed a new solar paint that could help provide clean and affordable energy for all.

Energy June 15, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Competes With Tesla In Residential Solar Energy And Storage

Mercedes-Benz is expanding its operations into clean energy by following Tesla’s footsteps. The car manufacturer announced its partnership with Vivint Solar for residential energy storage.

Business Tech May 21, 2017

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Now Ready For Preorder, But Only In Two Options For Now: Elon Musk

Elon Musk has officially confirmed that starting Wednesday, May 10, Tesla's solar roof tiles are ready for preorder. Only two models will be available at first, with the other two to follow in roughly six months.

Business Tech May 10, 2017

Most Americans Believe Climate Change Is Real And Happening: US Lawmaker

A vast majority of Americans believe that climate change is real despite the Trump administration’s skepticism. This was revealed by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse during his lecture “Time to Wake Up” at Congress with a varied opinion on the role of humans.

Earth/Environment April 9, 2017

Tesla Solar Roof Tile Orders Start Next Month, Says Elon Musk: Get Ready For Affordable Clean Energy Solutions

Tesla announced last year that it would offer solar roof tiles as a viable and affordable clean energy solution. Elon Musk has now confirmed that orders for solar roof tiles will kick off in April, so here's what you need to know.

Smart Home March 25, 2017

Apple’s Solar Island In Japan To Boost Clean Energy Promise

Boosting the clean energy pledge of Apple, operations in Japan will be moving to 100 percent renewable energy use thanks to local supplier Ibiden’s 20 new facilities. Among them is a solar island that will generate 12 MW of solar power.

Earth/Environment March 10, 2017

Denmark Green Energy Group To Close Coal Power Plants By 2023: Future Belongs To Renewables

Denmark’s Dong Energy will phase out the use of coal in all its power plants in Europe by 2023 and will begin building Hornsea Project Two, the world's biggest offshore wind farm.

Energy February 7, 2017

Bill Gates Leads $1 Billion Green Energy Fund To Combat Climate Change: Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos Join The Initiative

Bill Gates and some of the world's richest individuals teamed up to pledge a $1 billion investment fund as part of an initiative called Breakthrough Energy Ventures. The fund aims to help advance clean energy production to counter climate change.

Business Tech December 13, 2016

$2 Billion Tesla SolarCity Merger Gets Shareholder Approval, Deal Closing Soon: How Will It Benefit Homeowners?

Tesla and SolarCity shareholders have finally approved the merger, with the transaction expected to complete in the next few days. The combined companies aim to provide all-electric vehicles and clean-energy equipment to homeowners, making a compelling proposition.

Business Tech November 18, 2016

You Know Apple. Now Say Hello To Apple Energy

Apple incorporated a new subsidiary, Apple Energy LLC, that will power its operations and sell excess clean energy.

Apple June 11, 2016

Chile Gives Away Electricity For Free Because It Produces Too Much

Thanks to a booming mining industry and economic growth, Chile is facing such an overwhelming surge in its solar energy industry that it has given away free electricity. The country continues to struggle toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

Energy June 6, 2016

Portugal Runs Entirely On Renewable Energy For 107 Hours: Other Countries On Clean Energy

Portugal has set a new clean energy milestone as the whole country ran entirely on renewable sources for four straight days. Other countries all over the world have also achieved this feat.

Energy May 23, 2016

Reverse Photosynthesis May Hold Key To Faster, Greener Industrial Production

Reverse photosynthesis may pave the way for faster and greener industrial production. With the help of sunlight, energy sources and biofuels may be produced via natural and more efficient means.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2016

Reverse Photosynthesis Uses Sunlight To Convert Plant Biomass Into Fuel

Scientists in Denmark have discovered a process called reverse photosynthesis, which uses sunlight to convert biomass into fuel. The discovery could revolutionize the production of industrial fuel and chemicals.

Energy April 5, 2016

Clean Energy May Help Save Billions In Health Costs

If the United States will cut its current level of carbon emissions, it could save hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of health costs. The benefits could outweigh implementation cost of clean energy.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2016

Goat Guts May Hold The Key To Making Better Biofuels

The biofuels industry might have found a new partner in nature. A research found that fungi in the guts of goats could break down raw materials better than commercial processes.

Energy February 22, 2016

Visualizing Flow Of Energy May Make Nuclear Fusion Possible

Controlled nuclear fusion is a dream for scientists and advocates of clean energy. Now, a new method has been developed in San Diego and may just be the first step needed to turn the dream into a reality.

Energy January 20, 2016

42 Percent Of Denmark's Energy Was Wind-Powered In 2015

Denmark is serving as an example to us all, as it generated 42 percent of its energy in 2015 using wind power. This was helped by the fact that 2015 was reportedly a windy year for Denmark, but it can still serve as an example to other countries.

FUTURE TECH January 18, 2016

Work Out To Get Fit And Create Clean Energy: MIT Figured Out How To Harness Movement For Electricity

Researchers from the MIT found a way to create clean energy by transforming body movement to electricity. Check out the practical uses of the technology and its benefits for both companies and consumers.

FUTURE TECH January 8, 2016

99 Percent Of Costa Rica's 2015 Electricity Comes From Renewable Sources

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute on Friday said that 99 percent of the country's electricity has been generated from renewable sources. The nation's milestones in renewable energy have placed it in the global spotlight.

Energy December 20, 2015

Google Makes Largest Clean Energy Investment To Date

Google's latest purchase, which falls in line with their pledge to power themselves with clean energy by 100 percent in 2025, has acquired enough power to light up 2 million homes.

Business December 3, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates And Others Team Up To Invest In Clean Energy

The founders of Facebook and Microsoft announce a new initiative that consists of tech companies investing in clean and reliable energy.

Energy November 30, 2015

Bill Gates To Create Multibillion-Dollar Clean Energy Fund: Other Billionaires Who Contribute To Climate Change Fight

On Nov. 30, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will announce the launch of the Clean Tech Initiative, a project that focuses on the development of clean technology. The project is part of the United Nations' climate talks in Paris.

Earth/Environment November 29, 2015

Bill Gates Spearheading World's Largest Clean Energy Research Effort

The upcoming Monday announcement, as part of the United Nations' climate change negotiations in Paris, is expected to be in the billions, pooling world leaders together in the collaborative initiative.

Deals November 27, 2015

Scientists Discover New Plasma Confinement State: How This Could Change Energy Industry

Researchers found a breakthrough in plasma research: a new plasma confinement state. The discovery could pave the way for the development of efficient fusion reactors that could change the energy industry drastically.

Energy November 12, 2015

Apple Promoting Clean Energy Programs In China, Looking To Install Over 2 Gigawatts Of Solar Power

Apple is carrying out several programs in China to promote clean energy. The initiative includes the installation of more than 2 gigawatts' worth of new clean energy in the coming years.

FUTURE TECH October 22, 2015

Google Invests In Africa's Largest Wind Power Project

Google has announced that it is backing the largest clean energy project in Africa, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project. Google will be purchasing a 12.5 percent stake in the project.

Energy October 21, 2015

Monkeys Are Wreaking Havoc On Solar Panels In India

Researchers in India will soon launch a concentrated solar power project, but located in the lush forest are tribes on monkeys that are attracted to the site.

FUTURE TECH August 7, 2015

Nanowires Could Make Solar Fuel Cells Ten Times More Powerful

Less is definitely more, as researcher discover downsizing gallium phosphide into nanowires improves the material’s effectiveness as a solar fuel cell component.

July 18, 2015

Solar-Powered Plane Helps Swiss Pilot Break World Record For Longest Solo Flight

André Borschberg has broken the world record for the longest solo flight aboard the Solar Impulse 2. The Swiss adventurer has been flying for 3 days and nights (80 hours so far) and is still in the air en route from Japan to Hawaii in a solar-powered plane.

FUTURE TECH July 2, 2015

Watch The Humidity In The Air Power This Miniature Car

Scientists at Columbia University have discovered a way of using humidity as a power source. They managed to power a tiny vehicle using bacterial spores that expand in humid conditions.

FUTURE TECH June 17, 2015

Bad Weather Forces Solar Impulse To Land In Japan

The solar-powered plane on its way to circumnavigate the world is in a holding pattern in Japan due to deteriorating weather conditions.

Business June 1, 2015

Tesla's New Battery Technology Powerwall: Here's Why It's A Big Deal

Tesla Motors gives birth to Tesla Energy. The automaker's new energy arm will mass produce batteries for consumers, companies and countries.

FUTURE TECH May 4, 2015

EU strikes ambitious 'deal' to cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030

European Union leaders agreed at a summit in Brussels to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 40 percent come 2030. The pact also targets for an increase in EU's use of cleaner and more efficient energy.

Earth/Environment October 25, 2014

Biofuel production on the rise? Mutated yeast may help boost green energy

Biofuels are green alternatives to gas. If production improves, thanks to heat-resistant and alcohol-tolerant yeast, more people may end up switching to ethanol soon.

Energy October 4, 2014

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