Boeing And Airbus Take The Spotlight At The Paris Air Show Again

The world's premiere event dedicated to the aircraft manufacturing industry is happening at Le Bourget, Paris, France from June 23 to 25. The excitement is already high as some well-known exhibitors are trying to take the spotlight ahead of its opening.

The Paris Air Show's YouTube live stream will begin on June 19, but that did not stop the organizers and exhibitors of the prestigious event from uploading videos of aircraft test flights. The uploaded videos could just be meant to entice prospective customers or simply to excite aircraft enthusiasts, but it doesn't change the fact that all the exhibitors seem impressive.

Boeing And Airbus Demonstrations

Boeing and Airbus usually dominate the Paris Air Show every two years. With at least 130 aircraft on display, new competitors are rearing to impress attendees and take a chunk out of the huge orders the two manufacturers usually receive.

Just to give an idea just how much Airbus and Boeing dominate the field, the two manufacturers received a $57 billion (421 planes) and $50 billion (331 planes) worth of orders, respectively, at the 2015 Paris Air Show.

Both manufacturers will not be launching brand new aircraft at PAS 2017 but will, instead, unveil upgraded and newer versions of existing models. For Boeing, the spotlight will be on its 737 Max 9 and 737 Max 10, as well as the latest models 787 and 787-10, and Airbus answers the challenge with its upgraded A350-1000 and fuel-efficient A321, respectively.

Watch the Boeing's official video showing off the 787-10 and 737 Max 9 below.

Of course, here is the updated Airbus A350-1000 test flight.

Airbus also gave a sneak peek of its A400M Atlas, the company's military defense aircraft.

Fellow Exhibitors Rise To The Challenge

Of course, PAS 2017 is not a Boeing and Airbus show and the other exhibitors at the event want to remind everyone just that but showcasing their own aircraft. Lockheed has already zoomed past introductions with the F-35's amazing display during the test flight.  Just look at that amazing power.

How about the smooth maneuvers of Dassault Aviation's sleek fighter jet, the Rafale?

Calm those racing hearts because there are more amazing aircraft that made their way to PAS 2017. Just take a look at all these tweets confirming their attendance at the biennial event.

You may want to watch the show now because of all the amazing displays above. However, if it's not possible to head to Le Bourget at this time, the official live stream would give everyone a taste of what's going on at the air show. Just click the "Play" button below.

The stream will cover the event from June 19 to 25.

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