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Facebook Shuts Down Solar-Powered Internet Drone Project: So What Happens Now?

An official blog post made by Facebook confirmed the end of its solar-powered drone development. The company revealed that it will continue all research alongside experienced aerospace companies such as Airbus instead.

Internet June 28, 2018

Airbus Constructing Gigantic 'Space Harpoon' To Remove Rogue Satellites And Some 20,000 Junk Items

With rogue satellites and other junk floating in space, European firm Airbus is developing a harpoon to remove most of it. Airbus is currently testing the capabilities of the harpoon inside the company’s facility.

Space March 15, 2018

Emirates Orders Up To 36 Airbus A380s Planes Worth $16B, Ending Shutdown Concerns

Emirates struck a new deal with Airbus, agreeing to order up to 36 A380 planes worth $16 billion. The airline agreed to 20 firm orders, with the option to get 16 more.

Business Tech January 18, 2018

Boeing And Airbus Take The Spotlight At The Paris Air Show Again

The Paris Air show heats up with amazing displays from Airbus and Boeing during test flight. Here are other amazing demonstrations from Lockheed and Dassault.

Life & Style June 18, 2017

Made-In-China Passenger Jet, The Country’s Answer to Boeing And Airbus, Takes Maiden Flight

China's C919 passenger jet made its maiden flight on Friday, May 5, marking the country's aspirations to compete against Boeing and Airbus jets in commercial flights. Find out more about this homegrown jet and its chances of success.

Business Tech May 5, 2017

Airbus Shows Off Its Amazing Flying Car Concept At Geneva Motor Show

Airbus revealed its first futuristic concept of a flying car dubbed the Pop.Up System. The vehicle will feature a module along with a drone which will be able to lift the module off the ground and travel to different locations.

Car Tech March 9, 2017

Microsoft Leads $26 Million Investment In Drone Air Traffic Control Startup AirMap

AirMap, a startup working on technology that acts as air traffic control for drones, raised $26 million in a funding round. The investment was led by Microsoft Ventures and supported by Airbus Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures, among others.

Microsoft February 24, 2017

Airbus Plans To Test Flying Car Prototype By The End Of 2017

Airbus Group's CEO Tom Enders has announced the release of a flying car prototype by the end of 2017. This cost-effective, self-piloted flying car shall be the ultimate solution to urban congestion.

Car Tech January 17, 2017

Uber Wants To Build Small Planes To Beat Traffic In Cities [Video]

Uber’s head of products, Jeff Holden, recently announced that the sky is the limit for the car sharing service. Uber said it will research vertical take-off and landing airplanes (VTOL) to expand mobility choices for its customers.

Car Tech September 26, 2016

Airbus Subsidiary APWorks Unveils World's First 3D-Printed Motorcycle: Meet The Electric Light Rider

APWorks, one of Airbus’ subsidiaries, recently unveiled a 3D printed motorcycle that weighs less than its future riders. Meet Light Rider, the first 3D printed electric motorcycle that packs powerful specs.

Car Tech May 21, 2016

First Airbus Jet Made In US Takes Maiden Flight

The first U.S.-produced aircraft by European aircraft maker Airbus took its maiden flight from Mobile, Alabama last Monday. The A321 jetliner is due to be delivered to JetBlue in the early second quarter.

Business March 22, 2016

Airbus Partners With Uber But No, Don't Expect A Jumbo Jet To Pick You Up

Airbus and Uber have entered into a partnership and will start an on-demand helicopter service called UberChopper. Financial details of the deal are yet to be revealed.

Business January 18, 2016

Airbus, ESA Sign Deal To Build Juice Spacecraft For Jupiter Mission

Airbus and ESA signed a deal that will push the creation of the JUICE spacecraft. The mission is said to explore the habitability of the Jupiter's moons, which are comprised of ocean waters underneath their icy crust.

Space December 11, 2015

Airbus Patents Removable Cabins To Cut Down Boarding Times

Airbus has had some pretty far-fetched ideas in the past, but its latest patent that just got approved by the USPTO proves to be quite a clever concept to cut down boarding times.

FUTURE TECH November 26, 2015

Airplane Passengers Will Be Stacked On Top Of Each Other In Airbus Patent

A new patent from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus proposes a seating design that suggests that passengers will be stacked on top of each other.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

Airbus Perlan Glider Makes History By Gliding At The Edge Of Space

The success of Perlan 2 glider's maiden flight is an important step towards the ultimate goal of flying at the edge of space. The aircraft could pave way for new discoveries such as those that unravel the mysteries of weather, ozone depletion and climate change.

September 24, 2015

China Is Buying 300 Boeing Jets As It Prepares To Become World's Largest Aviation Market

China is buying 300 jets from Boeing and even plans to build an aircraft assembly plant in the nation. The deal was finalized following the visit of President Xi Jinping to the U.S.

Business September 24, 2015

Supersonic Plane That Can Reach Speeds Of Mach 4.5 Patented By Airbus

The U.S. has awarded Airbus the patent for its Mach 4.5 speed passenger plane, which can reduce a typical 11-hour flight to three hours. More impressive than its speed is the plane's no-noise feature, observers say.

FUTURE TECH August 7, 2015

ESA Hoping to Stay in Space Race with Ariane Rocket

The Ariane 6 could soon be Europe's newest hope to remain active in the space race, while facing new competition - from SpaceX.

Space December 1, 2014

Europeans Get Onboard Orion Venture

European Space Agency, Airbus ink deal to build "back end" of NASA's Orion space capsule. Unit will draw heavily on space station supply vehicle.

Space November 18, 2014

Airbus Wants You to Fly in UFO-like, Flying Doughnut Planes

Airbus filed an application to patent a design for a doughnut-shaped aircraft. The proposal said that the unique design will solve one of the most challenging problems in traditional aircraft design.

FUTURE TECH November 18, 2014

Airbus filed patent for new airline seat design: Ugly and cumbersome

Change is coming to how airline passenger seats are designed. However, it might not be in our best interest in terms of design. Corporate greed at its finest? It would appear so.

Internet August 10, 2014

Kazakhstan launches first satellite, courtesy of Europe

The KazEOSat-1 spacecraft is Kazakhstan's first satellite. Here's what it is doing up there.

Space May 5, 2014

Dubai Airshow kicks off with eyes on Boeing 777X

Leaders of global aviation are set to place orders worth over $100 billion in the Dubai Airshow which kicked off on Sunday.

FUTURE TECH November 18, 2013

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