No one can deny that Elon Musk is an ambitious innovator who isn't afraid to push boundaries.

When Musk launched Neuralink in March, he explained that the company would work on linking human brains with computers to solve medical issues and enhance human condition. He also promised some form of telepathy using the technology.

The task itself is difficult but, if Musk and Neuralink manage to succeed in this endeavor with a balanced human brain-AI link, the future could be full of brain-implanted humans with enhanced abilities.

Current brain implants already enhance the lives of people with medical conditions by restoring sight, hearing, or motor skills, and could even prevent seizures before it begins. So is it possible for Neuralink to accomplish telepathy and further enhance human abilities? Given enough time and great scientific discoveries, it could be possible.

Enhanced Humans Of The Future

Some have already expressed their skepticism with regard to Musk's promised telepathy in 10 years' time but, with enough breakthroughs in technological and neurological research, it may actually not be too far off.

Here are some enhanced human abilities that could be possible in the not-too-distant future:

Super Hearing
Current cochlear implants already restore some form of hearing to certain types of deafness, so developing an implant that would allow a person to focus on one individual then turn the volume up would allow a person to converse with someone at the other side of the building.

Night Vision
As mentioned before, brain implants that help restore some form of vision already exists. If Neuralink successfully develops one that could further enhance visual acuity, then it is also possible for the company to enhance the way our eyes and brains see the world by mimicking the abilities of nocturnal animals.

Literal Photographic Memory
There is already talk of contact lenses that will allow wearers to zoom in on objects and see finer details. If this is combined with a brain implant with memory, humans could have nice eye cameras in the future.

Just squint to get a panoramic photo!

Human Cyborgs
Right now, some amputees have been given a new lease on life with brain-controlled prosthetics. It makes sense that those who lose more than one limb will be given the ability to fully control their robotic bodies with their minds too! Think of Cyborg from Justice League.

Automated Learning
Automated learning would probably be one of the most loved powers if it works the same way as Neo's ability in The Matrix. Just look up what needs to be learned and anyone could recreate great scientific experiments or be the next martial arts champion.

To Be Or Not To Be?

If people are given the chance to enhance their abilities and be able to grasp complex ideas quickly, would people really refuse? A future of enhanced humans may be possible but there are still too many things to consider, especially since researchers still do not fully understand the human brain. We all face that possible future; however, one would have to consider a rational thought from Syndrome, the irrational animated villain of The Incredibles: "when everyone is super, no one will be."

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