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Elon Musk Wants To Link Brain And Computers: How This Can Give Humans Superpowers

Elon Musk may change humanity to avoid AI singularity. How could linking the human brain to computers push the limits of human abilities in the future?

Feature | Science June 18, 2017

WATCH: How To Make Alexa And Google Home Talk To Each Other In A Never-Ending Loop

Watch the two smart voice assistants Alexa and Google Home get into a never-ending conversation. Here's how you can do it too.

Smart Home January 15, 2017

Apple's $200 Million Turi Acquisition To Challenge Google, Amazon And Facebook In Pervasive Computing

Apple continues its march toward better virtual assistants with the purchase of Turi, an AI startup. The race is on against rivals such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, but Apple lately bought itself some aces to keep up its sleeve.

Apple August 6, 2016

Always Getting Lost In Airports? Spencer The Robot Is Here To Help

Researchers have developed a robot called Spencer to assist lost passengers in airports. Spencer will be tested at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport from Nov. 30.

FUTURE TECH November 27, 2015

Researchers Teach Robots How To Say No To Human Orders, But Is It Safe?

Robots defying human orders? It will happen, but probably not in ways that will bring forth the robot apocalypse. Allowing robots to reject human orders is very necessary.

FUTURE TECH November 26, 2015

'Fallout 4': Romance Is In The Apocalyptic Air

You know how it is. You're roaming the irradiated wasteland, trying to survive and help out who you can. But what you really crave is a little love and tenderness, right? In 'Fallout 4,' you get to live that dream.

Geek July 24, 2015

Twitter Snags Machine Learning Startup Whetlab: What's The Plan?

Twitter acquires Whetlab, a Cambridge-based machine learning startup, as way to accelerate the company’s internal machine learning efforts. Running on a closed beta, the Whetlab site is scheduled for a shut down on July 15, 2015.

Business June 19, 2015

'Personal Robot' Kickstarter Could Be The Next Step Towards In-Home Artificial Intelligence

Ever since Siri first debuted, consumers have been fascinated with artificially intelligent assistants. Now, the 'Personal Robot' by Robotbase is looking to make the next big step forward into true artificial intelligence.

Geek January 14, 2015

Meet Amazon's Echo: The future of A.I. is here

If there's one universal cornerstone of science fiction, it's artificial intelligence. For years, people thought A.I. was just a fantasy, but with Amazon's new Echo device, the fantasy may become reality.

Geek November 7, 2014

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