OnePlus has carved out a niche for itself by providing powerful yet affordable smartphones, and despite the increased price tag, that trend continues with the OnePlus 5.

Today, OnePlus officially unveiled the OnePlus 5. While OnePlus's next smartphone is more expensive than previous models, it is still more affordable than the Samsung S8 or the upcoming iPhone, which could cost as much as $1,000.

OnePlus 5 Specs And Price

Whatever one thinks of the OnePlus 5, there can be no doubt that it is a powerhouse. The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor and at least 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The more expensive model will feature 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

The phone will be running Oxygen OS, which is based on Android 7.1.

The OnePlus 5 starts at $479 for the base model. A more expensive offering with increased RAM and storage space is available for $539.

One of the best features of the OnePlus 5 is its camera. Featuring two cameras at the back, the OnePlus 5 offers high-quality photos that, while not as good as some offerings, are still pretty nice. One of the cameras is a 16-megapixel camera, whereas the second, which features zoom capacity, is 20 megapixels.

Midrange Or Premium

OnePlus has built their brand around offering powerful phones for lower prices. The OnePlus 5 attempts to straddle the line between the price point of previous models and its more expensive competition. For the most part, it succeeds by offering one of the best phones under $500 on the market. A lot of smartphones under $500 feel like the manufacturers put no thought or effort into their production. Despite our issues with the OnePlus 5's design, it is clear that OnePlus put a lot of effort into creating a device that feels well worth its asking price.

If there is one area in which the OnePlus 5 disappoints, it's the design. The phone bears more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone 7, and it is a bit heavy on the bezels. Compared to the Galaxy S8's Infinity Display, the OnePlus 5 feels absolutely crowded.

Overall, the OnePlus 5 isn't the best smartphone on the market. Its design feels dated and too reminiscent of the iPhone 7, but for a phone under $500, it is one of the best options available. We'd recommend it to anyone looking for a smartphone below $500.

For more information, check out the reveal video below.

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