A new video purported to have been released by hacker group Anonymous has claimed that NASA is on the verge of announcing that intelligent alien life exists.

The new YouTube video claims that during a recently held U.S. Science, Space and Technology committee meeting, a spokesperson of the U.S. space agency said that the existence of extraterrestrial may soon be proven.


In April, head of NASA Science Mission Directorate, astrophysicist Thomas Zurbuchen, said during a congressional hearing that the human civilization is on the verge of finding evidence of alien life and that humanity is on the verge of making one of the most profound discoveries in history given all of the activities and missions that hunt for extraterrestrial life.

Zurbuchen reportedly made mention of the discovery of hydrogen in Saturn moon Enceladus and the promising observations made by the Hubble space telescope of the ocean on Jupiter moon Europa.

Scientists said that these worlds have the potential to support life but the video cited claims that mankind already had contact with intelligent beings from extraterrestrial worlds.

"There are many who claim that unofficially, mankind has already made contact with aliens and not just little micro organisms floating around inside a massive alien ocean, but advanced space-faring civilisations," the video said.

The video also cited other comments about aliens that astronauts and space enthusiasts made in the past. It also talked about several alien and UFO sightings reported across the globe.

Hunt For Aliens

NASA has been making strides in discoveries of extraterrestrial worlds that are potentially habitable. Just this month, the space agency announced the Kepler space telescope's discovery of 219 new planet candidates.

Of these objects, one has characteristics similar to our planet and could be a potential Earth twin. Just like Earth, the world dubbed KOI 7711.01 orbits a sun-like star.

"It gets approximately the same amount of heat that we get from our own star," SETI Institute's Susan Thompson said.

Scientists' Take On Aliens

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the U.S. space agency is merely making a coverup of alien life in other worlds. UFO hunters think that living creatures actually thrive on Mars as evidences by photos captured by NASA's robotic probes conducting studies of the Red Planet.

Scientists claim that what the alien hunters see in NASA photos that appear like mermaids, lizards, and statues can be explained by a phenomenon called pareidolia, which happens when the brain recognizes familiar objects regardless that it is not there.

Some scientists, however, are open to the idea of the existence of intelligent life. Some researchers, for instance, think that strange pulses exhibited by 234 stars could be signals sent by an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization. Some scientists also proposed that an alien megastructure could be behind the unusual light pattern observed in the KIC 8462852 star.

"Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build," astronomer Jason Wright, from Penn State University, earlier said about the alien megastructure star.

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