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Sarahah Goes Viral: App For Sending Anonymous Messages Can Make Your Day, But It Also Has A Dark Side

Sarahah, an app that allows users to send anonymous messages, has shot up in popularity. The app can serve as a motivation tool for users, but it can also be a cyberbullying platform.

Apps/Software August 14, 2017

Hacker Group Anonymous Claims NASA On Verge Of Making Alien Life Announcement

A YouTube video believed to come from the hacker group Anonymous claimed that NASA may soon announce the existence of alien life. Do scientists support the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations really exist?

Space June 26, 2017

Anonymous Attacks Thousands Of Websites On The Dark Web

Hacker collective Anonymous has infiltrated Freedom Hosting II, which is the single largest host on Dark Web. The Tor-based site apparently hosted child pornography, prompting the hackers to pull down over 10,000 websites.

Internet February 6, 2017

Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens Trump, May Expose 'Personal Ties' With Mobsters

Anonymous, the famous hacker group, has staked claims that it has sensitive information about U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. The group is yet to reveal how it plans to share the information.

Internet January 18, 2017

Creative Annonymous Hackers Flood ISIS Twitter Accounts With Rainbows, LGBT Love And Gay Porn Following Orlando Attack

Twitter accounts of ISIS supporters were spotted blooming rainbow colors, as a group of hackers replaced the hatred-filled messages with LGBT and gay love messages of approval. The hackers belong to the Anonymous group and they are fabulous.

Internet June 17, 2016

Anonymous Attacks The Bank Of Greece As It Begins A 30-Day Hacking Campaign Against Worldwide Banks

In a YouTube video, Anonymous had previously warned that it would soon begin a 30-day campaign called 'OpIcarus – Shut Down the Banks' against central banks around the world.

Security May 4, 2016

Hacktivist Collective Anonymous Declares Total War On Donald Trump

Anonymous is declaring 'total war' on U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, announcing a 'call to arms' via a video uploaded on YouTube. The operation will start on April 1, initially targeting

Internet March 15, 2016

Poetic Justice: Alleged Boston Hospital Hacker Rescued At Sea, Charged For Conspiracy

Federal authorities have arrested a Massachusetts man who is suspected of hacking the computer network of Boston Children's Hospital's computer system in April 2014. The man and his wife were found on a stranded boat off the coast of Cuba and were rescued by the crew of a Disney cruise ship.

Society February 18, 2016

Anti-IS Hacking Group Claims It Launched DDoS Attack On BBC Website

A hacking group claimed to be behind the cyberattack on the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) that crashed the company's sites for hours. They said the attack was meant to be a "test of its capabilities" for disrupting the online activities of the Islamic State.

Internet January 4, 2016

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Declares War Against Turkey, Takes Down 400,000 Sites

Renowned hacktivist collective Anonymous has declared war against Turkey over the government's purported support for ISIS. It reportedly took down about 400,000 websites.

Internet December 29, 2015

Anonymous Hacks European Space Agency, Just Because

Hacking collective Anonymous released data from the European Space Agency. The group often carries out hacking attacks in behalf of certain causes, but this breach seemingly had no particular reason behind it.

Internet December 14, 2015

Anonymous Declares Total War On Donald Trump, Takes Down Trump Tower Website

Hacktivist group Anonymous declared war against Donald Trump. This was after the Republican presidential candidate recently proposed to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Internet December 13, 2015

Hacker Collective Anonymous Wants You To Troll ISIS On Dec. 11

Anonymous declares Dec. 11 as the official ISIS trolling day. The activist hacking group encourages supporters to participate by posting images that mock ISIS, including goat photos that are captioned with reference to the wives of the members of the militant group.

Internet December 8, 2015

Anonymous Leaks Phone Numbers, Passwords Of Paris Climate Summit Delegates To Protest Arrest Of Activists

Anonymous has leaked personal data of climate talk delegates in Paris. According to the group, officials were hacked as a means of protesting the arrest of activists who went on a march during the climate summit.

December 7, 2015

Hacking Group Anonymous Using Rick Astley Video To Rickroll ISIS (Video)

ISIS is now getting some payback for their heinous crimes from hacking group Anonymous. The hackers are hacking the terrorist group's social media and Internet posts and Rickrolling them.

Internet November 28, 2015

Hackers Swap ISIS Websites With Ads For Viagra And Prozac

Hackers have replaced an ISIS website with pharmacy advertisements for Viagra and Prozac. This is the latest development in the ongoing cyberwar between Anonymous and ISIS.

Internet November 27, 2015

Anonymous’ Total War On ISIS More Harmful Than Helpful, Warns Experts

Anonymous has declared total war on ISIS, a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks. Experts, however, are apprehensive because they are convinced that the move could become more harmful than beneficial.

Internet November 24, 2015

Anonymous And Other Hacker Groups Wage Cyber War Against ISIS

'Hacktivist' groups join in the war against ISIS using different strategies. Find out what they have contributed in the fight in the week following the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

Internet November 21, 2015

Islamic State Responds To Anonymous' Declaration Of War, Calls Secret Hacking Group ‘Idiots’

ISIS is preparing itself for war with Anonymous in the cyber realm. This comes after the hacker group threatened the terror group with war, to which the terrorists responded by calling Anonymous "idiots."

Internet November 21, 2015

Anonymous Declares Total War Against ISIS Following Paris Attack

Anonymous declares war against ISIS after attacks in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13. Anonymous had already started its work against ISIS following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January this year.

Society November 16, 2015

Anonymous Leaks US Senators Part Of The Ku Klux Klan: Denials Ensue

Hacktivist group Anonymous has published a list of individuals, including five mayors and four senators, who are allegedly part of the Ku Klux Klan. The group will follow up with a list of 1,000 names on Nov. 5.

Internet November 3, 2015

Thirty Meter Telescope Website Falls Prey To Cyberattack

Opposition against the Thirty Meter Telescope remains strong, with protestors taking down the TMT website over the weekend as University of Hawaii regents listened to testimony regarding construction.

Space April 28, 2015

Anonymous May Have Sent A Message Targeting Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

In a seven-minute video, a man claiming to be part of the hacker group attacks Kanye West for being Kanye West. The video also references West's wife, Kim Kardashian.

Internet Culture March 12, 2015

Anonymous Hacking Group Chronicler Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison

Barrett Brown, who served as a spokesman for the Anonymous underground group of hackers, received a sentence for five years and three months of imprisonment. Brown was also ordered to pay restitution of $890,250.

Society January 23, 2015

Week In Review: Top 5 News Headlines Not To Miss

The final week of 2014, pretty much like every week this year, was full of tech news even with the holiday season and dawn of a new year. For those who were traveling, or busy getting new mobile devices up and running, here's a run down of the week's top tech news.

Gadgets January 2, 2015

Tor Attack Pits Anonymous Against Lizard Squad: PSN and Xbox Live Back Online

Lizard Squad compromises the anonymity of the Tor network and irks the Anonymous collective again. 'Do something,' Lizard Squad tells Anonymous when it complains.

Internet January 1, 2015

Hackers Release 13,000 Passwords, Credit Card Information from Amazon, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and More

A group of hackers released a file allegedly containing about 13,000 password and username combinations stolen from a number of sites. It also included information such as credit card numbers and card expiration dates.

Internet December 28, 2014

Anonymous to Lizard Squad: Keep Your Hands off Tor

Hacktivist group Anonymous has remained in the background as Lizard Squad lambasted Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Anonymous will not, however, stay there for long as Lizard Squad attempts to target Tor.

Internet December 27, 2014

North Korea Witnesses Nationwide Internet Outage: Is It A Retaliation?

North Korea's entire Internet infrastructure goes down in a DDoS attack. Could it have been the work of the U.S. government or hackers pissed off for not being able to watch 'The Interview'?

Internet December 24, 2014

'Pirate Bay' Clones Under Sail at New Torrent Sites

Clones of The Pirate Bay emerge, though they're not as reliable as the original file-sharing site. Meanwhile, the hacker group Anonymous retaliates against Sweden for the raid on The Pirate Bay.

Internet December 15, 2014

PSN, 2K Games And Windows Live Hacked, Logins Leaked Online

The hacker group DerpTrolling has posted thousands of login credentials for PlayStation Network, 2K Games and Windows Live.

Geek November 21, 2014

Hacker Group Anonymous Takes Over Ku Klux Klan Twitter Account After Ferguson Threats

Hacker group Anonymous hacked into Twitter account and websites of the Ku Klux Klan, gaining access to personal information of its members. The cyber attacks come in response to the physical threats against the peaceful protestors in Ferguson.

Internet Culture November 17, 2014

What is Guy Fawkes Day? How the historical event became a modern symbol of protest

'Remember, remember the fifth of November.' You will probably see that all over social media today, but what does it mean and why are we still talking about it today?

Feature November 5, 2014

Facebook Rooms welcomes anonymity but begs the question: Isn't it just a spruced up chatroom?

Facebook's new Rooms app is a nod to the Internet's early years, according to a Facebook product manager. Unlike Facebook, however, Rooms users can cloak themselves in whatever pseudonym makes them feel pretty.

Internet October 23, 2014

Anonymous supports Hong Kong protests, leaks data from Chinese websites

The Anonymous group responded to the Chinese government's denouncement of the group's threat of cyber attacks. At least two websites were attacked, compromising hundreds of users' personal information.

Society October 14, 2014

Hackers hit Sony PS Network, behind bomb threat hoax

Sony's PSN returns to normal operations after suffering a denial of service attack. Hack Lizard claimed it perpetrated the PSN attacks and was behind a bomb threat hoax, though another group may have really been behind the PSN outage.

Video Games August 25, 2014

Secret app will keep your name secret now (but is it really secret?)

Secret will be receiving several updates, one of which will prevent posts mentioning real names. However, reports show that the anonymity that the app promises is not fully guaranteed.

Apps/Software August 24, 2014

Brazil wants Secret gone, orders Apple, Google to toss software out of app stores

A Brazil court has ordered Apple and Google to remove the anonymous Secret social networking app from its app stores. The ruling will also require the tech titans to recall apps that have been downloaded by Brazil smartphone users.

Apps/Software August 20, 2014

How computer hackers are influencing the Ferguson protests

The protests in Ferguson, Mo. have gained a lot of support online from the hacker group Anonymous and trending hashtags on Twitter. The shooting of Michael Brown by police on Aug. 9 inspired the protests.

Internet Culture August 14, 2014

Gawker Media called out by staff to help stop posting of rape, violent GIFs

Women's interest blog raises its voice against a flood of rape GIFs on its site. So far, the parent company hasn't done anything to stop the flood of obscene images, say Jezebel staffers.

Internet August 12, 2014

Kenya military Twitter account gets hacked

The hacktivist group Anonymous has hit the Kenyan military Twitter account. Now the group is posting messages highlighting what it says is widespread corruption of the government.

Internet July 22, 2014

Gossip app Secret now allows users to log in using Facebook

Secret, which allows users to share content with other people anonymously, is now allowing Facebook log-ins. This update comes as the company completes a funding round of $25 million.

Apps/Software July 18, 2014

John McAfee launches Chadder messaging app for those who demand super privacy

John Mcafee who was until recently on the run from authorities in an international scandal involving a murder has released an app for those wanting to chat anonymously online. This app is called Chadder and is currently in beta on Google Play and Microsoft's Windows Phone Store.

Apps/Software May 7, 2014

MIT site gets hacked on Aaron Swartz first death anniversary

The MIT website was hacked to mark the first death anniversary of Internet crusader Aaron Swartz.

Internet January 13, 2014

Anonymous members plead guilty in PayPal DDoS attack case

Anonymous members have pleaded guilty in the PayPal distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack case.

Legal December 8, 2013

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