Tesla Model S Receives Score From IIHS And The Company Doesn't Take It Well

The Tesla Model S has been scored for safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Tesla is not too happy with the results.

The Model S failed to earn the Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS due to the Model S' performance in a specific safety test known as the Small Overlap Frontal Test. This test is meant to simulate a head-on collision which is among the most dangerous and costly accidents that can occur on roadways. This is tested by crashing the front 25 percent of the car into an object while the car is moving at 40 MPH. The Model S performed fairly well, earning second place, but was held back due to a slack seatbelt and the fact that the crash zone encompassed part of the cabin.

Tesla's Response To The IIHS

A spokesperson for Tesla has issued a response to the IIHS' rating and the company is not too happy with the results.

"IIHS and dozens of other private industry groups around the world have methods and motivations that suit their own subjective purposes."

While we understand Telsa desire to defend the reputation of its cars, this particular response leaves something to be desired. An "Acceptable" rating is not a bad score. The IIHS, in short, said that the Model S was a safe car, but there were some particular situations in which other cars might be safer. It never said the Tesla was an unsafe car or that people should not own them.

Beyond that, Tesla's logic is suspect. Of course, the IIHS has its own motivations and "subjective purposes" as every organization has its own agenda. However, in this particular case, the objective of the IIHS is twofold: to protect consumers and reduce the costs to the automobile insurance industry. Even if we want to be cynical and assume the IIHS is only working to further the profits of the insurance industry, this is one area in which they would still be working in the interest of consumers as safer cars means that the insurance industry has to make fewer payouts and thus can keep more of its money.

Which Cars Are The Safest?

The Model S is still a safe car even by the standards of the IIHS, but those truly concerned about safety may be interested in looking at the cars which earned the Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS. Those cars are The Lincoln Continental, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and the Toyota Avalon. These three cars earned a score of "good" in five of the IIHS' safety tests.

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