You may think your selfie game is strong, but you have to know how to really work your face if in order to come out the winner of this new game.

Launching today in the iMessage App Store, EatMessage is an augmented reality game played inside texts with friends that is essentially a virtual food fight.

Bringing a whole new meaning to throwing some food emojis out there, EatMessage has players selecting a combination of food emojis that are "thrown" at their opponent in their text convo.

Once the players chooses their food they want to throw at their friend, an invite is sent to that contact directly in the app. All the opponent has to do is accept the challenge and get ready to dodge pizza, apple and donut emojis like Neo from the Matrix.

EatMessage is a selfie-based game that uses the player's face as the controller. After the challenge to play is accepted, the opponent uses the front facing camera on their iPhone to be transported into the game thanks to the AR tech.

The player must use their mouth to catch the edible food emojis. And while this sounds easy, the other user can also send non-edible emojis like a lightbulb, wrench and magic eight ball when selecting their food emojis.

This means players have to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge the tools and other inedible emojis, while making sure to eat up those food characters.

Think of it as a Snapchat game played while texting your bestie.

Players have to be quick on their feet and think fast when the food comes flying at time, so now is a good time to look over all the edible emojis on the keyboard.

When all the emojis are thrown, the round is completed and EatMessage takes selfie of the player with its filter and sends it along with a GIF to the opponent.

"Never before has a messaging app allowed users to play with their face and mouth, making EatMessage a truly innovative game that is pushing the boundaries of iMessage apps and messaging trends in general," Oskari Häkkinen founder of Futurefly, the app's developer said.

EatMessage is available to download for free in the iMessage App Store.

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