New research conducted by the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) shows that while Facebook remains the most popular social network, it now has to face the challenge of keeping users interested.

Among its teenage netizens, 54 percent cited that their "log in" habits have dropped due to a lack of interest. Of users who belong to the age range of 16 to 19, 64 percent now use the site less.

Many users said that Facebook is not as "cool" as it used to be. Among teenagers, there are at least 29 percent who are not on Facebook as often as before. While the teens still communicate digitally, they seem to do so using Instagram and popular messaging apps.

"Tumblr and Instagram have the youngest audiences, with more than 70 percent of their users being 16 to 34," said GWI. "In contrast, Facebook has the oldest user base, a quarter of its active users are aged 45+."

Tumblr, now the fastest growing social site, has seen an increase in its active users by up to 120 percent within the last six months. This is followed by Pinterest and Instagram when it comes to leading the growth in active users for the past couple of months.

Among the apps that saw the highest and fastest increase in the number of users is Snapchat. According to the report, the popular "message disappearing" app had a usage increase of 56 percent since the beginning of 2014.

Likewise, Instagram and Facebook's own Messenger app have both seen an increase of about 50 percent of users for the past year.

"In the mobile space, Snapchat is the fastest growing app, up 56 percent since the start of 2014, although Facebook is still by far the top social app overall, being used by 43 percent of Internet users," said GWI.

The research added that teens coming from key markets such as Australia, Canada, the U.S. and UK have the highest usage rates for Snapchat than any other app. The figures, which range from 25 to 40 percent, show that teens often put Snapchat ahead of the messaging apps of Facebook.

At least 37 percent of people and 50 percent of teenagers said that they are bored with Facebook. Some 15 percent of teenagers also admit that their usage of Facebook has dropped because their parents also use the site.

Despite the decline, Facebook remains the strongest as far as the weight in numbers is concerned. Currently, over 80 percent of Internet users worldwide have a Facebook account. Forty-seven percent among them admitted to being active Facebook users.

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